Secluded Complex
Secluded Complex by Cyben
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#9   02 Feb 2015
Great map. I like the layout. It plays very smooth. You can cover the whole map quite quickly and the bots are playing it nicely too.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#8   10 Feb 2012
Not better than the first map of yours :/. You should make more maps like your first one. I loved the first one so much, That i held it as the main map for my server. 15 people joined and they loved it :D. This map is good it's not bad but i prefer 'Platform 6'
Edited: 10 Feb 2012 AEST
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krekits unregistered
#7   12 May 2002
Nice layout but I prefer maps to be just a tad more open. Texture theme is good.
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p4ngo unregistered
#6   11 May 2002
8 points.
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The Hubster unregistered
#5   10 May 2002
I'm giving this one 7/10, and thats for the great layout.

As wviperw said, this map ROCKS in Promode, and I also would have liked to have seen PI do the review (no offence papri-K).

This map does need some serious item adjustment for it to shine and rise to it's full capability.

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roadkill unregistered
#4   10 May 2002
excellent map cyben! Platform6 by you is still my all-time favorite! keep fraggin'
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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   10 May 2002
Hi Cyben,

Thanks for the feedback.

In my review, I say that you find the ammo to about each gun near that gun, and not that there are several RLs, GLs or RGs. In the particular case of your map, I found that this was hindering game flow because I really played on one side of the map getting all the ammo, health and armour I needed.

Regarding the comment: "For Example, you find the MH, the RL, the Rail and the lightning on the lower floor. You have to jump in your Disadvantage.",

I think youre right about that you jump down in your disadvantage, but I noticed that this was a minor problem because if I jump to the lower floor, I can quickly go back to the upper floor within one or at most to strafe jumps to the teleporter. It was like a circle: jump down, get the stuff, teleport to the upper floor, and camp. That was the safest way to win a match AGAINST BOTS I experienced.

Well there my two cents.

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Cyben unregistered
#2   10 May 2002
Hmmm... RL, GL, Rail Somewhere else?

I Really thought much about the Item placement and the balance. For Example, you find the MH, the RL, the Rail and the lightning on the lower floor. That makes a very big difference. You have to jump in your Disadvantage.

And: The Water under the Megahealth does betray your location.

nevertheless thanky for review

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wviperw unregistered
#1   09 May 2002
I was kinda dissapointed that PI didn't review this map, as it seems to be a VERY good CPM map IMO. Plays very well except a few errors such as what paprik said about weapons/ammo.
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