Q2DM1-ISH: The Edge Remix
Q2DM1-ISH: The Edge Remix by Jamin Bulyk
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FragTastic Rep. 2237
#15   04 Mar 2012
Q2 Days where awesome :). Nice map. 8.5/10
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Nice one! unregistered
#14   10 Apr 2010
Brings me back to the days of Q2!
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RAMEIRA unregistered
#13   30 Oct 2009
Very nice indeed... I've played the remake for q4 but missed the water part... could you make one loyal to the original en terms of map but with the textures from q4, like the one you made?
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Vene unregistered
#12   07 Jun 2009
Very Awesome map there! ^^ I love this one the best. 10 :)
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jsHcK unregistered
#11   24 Jul 2005
Remake or not, in terms of detail vs. framerate vs. gameplay, this is one of the best Quake 3 maps ever produced.


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Myth unregistered
#10   23 May 2002
Great map. Best Edge remix I've played.

But if I was gunna make one I'd get rid of the water to the rail gun. water is SO god damn annoying ;)

8/10: good work

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dezperado unregistered
#9   19 May 2002
the only new thing i can say it's the lightning : too uniform in my opinion..


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Octovus unregistered
#8   16 May 2002
This was reviewed long ago at Deja-Review (which is the place for things like these). It was good then, and still is now. 9/10
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StormShadow unregistered
#7   13 May 2002
Never claimed it was a conspiracy.. and it doesnt piss me off, lol. Try reading my post before responding like that next time, thanks.

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Jalisk0 unregistered
#6   13 May 2002
This is not a conspiracy to piss you off. Each one mapped what he felt like.
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StormShadow unregistered
#5   10 May 2002
another edge remake?

This one looks pretty good, and remains pretty accurate to the original.. but cmon.. how many edge remakes do we need? I count 6 so far.

6/10 good map, but wheres the origninality?

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WaSp unregistered
#4   10 May 2002
Its a good thing this map has -ISH at the end of its title, this gives the author room for some artistic licence and with that in mind its a pretty cool alternative.

As far as conversions go though, there can be only one....and this aint it.

really nice map though :-)


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Shovel unregistered
#3   09 May 2002
Being a Q2Dm1 remaker myself naturaly I had to check this one out :)

I love it, it's the best looking one so far. It may not be as acurate in terms of gameplay to mine but definately a better looking map, nice choice of textures and lots of curvs. My only grips would be the main rock wall is a little flat and being able to see out of the water can lead to sneaky unfair rail attacks >:)

A good technique for the rock wall is to create a sphere then warp it a bit so its like a chunk of rock then cover it in caulk. Now use it to build up the wall rotating it each time to show a different set of faces, once its built make them all detail brushes and apply the rock texture to the visible faces. This way the rocks don't intersect each other when BSP'd and are also ignored by VIS.

Finaly cover them inteligently with cliping so as to not give the bots a head ache :)

For a look at mine


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Orion unregistered
#2   09 May 2002
yes i agree 12inches fileplanet gave up life lol and good map :)
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12inches Of Love unregistered
#1   09 May 2002
Best remake to date, feels the same, looks kinda the same, like a make over on changing rooms, shame its hosted on:

FILE-IS-SHIT-SINCE-GAMESPY-TOOK-OVER-PLANET.COM yet another good service ruined by gamespy. good work dood

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