Q2DM1-ISH: The Edge Remix
Q2DM1-ISH: The Edge Remix Beta 2
Title : Q2DM1-ISH: The Edge Remix

Files : szq2dm1b2.pk3 szq2dm1.txt (this file)
archive: szq2dm1b2.zip

Release Data (DD/MM/YY) : 02/09/02

Author : Jamin Bulyk
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site : None

Description : A recreation of Tim Willits' "The Edge" done for Quake 3.

Additional Credits to : Tim Willits for the original design and layout.

Iikka "Fingers" Keranen for his Ikbase texture set.

HFX for his "Evil" series texture sets.

Sock for his SkyBox

* Play Information *

Game : Quake III: Arena
Mode : Deathmatch (and variants with a mod that supports them)
Single player : Bots are supported
Cooperative 2-x players : Riiight...
Deathmatch 2-16 players : Yes (3-6 players recommended, 8 MAX)
Skill Settings : The bots will 0wn j00..or maybe not, depends on your skillz.

New Graphics : Ikbase and HFX textures. The water shader is custom but uses stock textures.
New Music : No
New Sounds : Yes (the lift)
DLL : No

* Construction *

Base : Q2DM1 for Quake 2 (my memory of it)
Build time : Who knows...
Compile Machine : P3 ~977 768MB
Q3MAP Time : few seconds
Q3MAP -vis Time : 20 minutes
Q3MAP -vlight Time : 5 minutes

Editor(s) Used : Q3Radiant/DOS Editor

Known Bugs : Scaling issues?? Depends on how one looks at it. So far, none of the authors of these remakes have it quite right. I'm no exception. Also check the crate positioning in the back room and make sure they are spaced properly.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is protected under the provisions granted to me by id software in the Q3A tools readme.
In the unlikely event that you actually want to use this for something, feel
free to contact me, and I will most likely be more than willing to customize
to suit your needs.

You may distribute this PK3, provided you do it with no modifications and that you use the original archive. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, etc) as long as you include this (szq2dm1.txt) file intact. You MAY distribute this on CDs (NO Shovelware please) or as part of your project (mod) as long as you let me know BEFORE YOU DO IT by emailing me at one of the above addresses. Most likely I will agree to it.

* Where to get this BSP *

lvl www.planetquake.com/lvl

deja-review www.deja-review.com