Secluded Complex
RELEASED Date: 26.03.2002


Title : cyb3tourney1 - Secluded Complex
Filename : cyb3tourney1.pk3
Author : Cyben
Email Adress : **email removed**
homepage :
Description : This is a base-styled tourney level with the typical
metal and concrete textures. It's not too big sized
and I hope, you'll have fun to play it in 1on1 and
especially with osp.
Info : My second map for Q3A :)


How to play?

1. Extract cyb3tourney1.pk3 into your Q****3/baseq3/ directory
2. Start Q****3
3. To play cyb3tourney1 type in your console "/map cyb3tourney1" (Since PR 1.17,
you can also choose the map in the 'create' menu).

Type : Tourney, FFA
Players : 2-4
Bot Support : Bots are fully supported
Known Bugs : no bugs

Build time : 3 month (final-Version)
Compile time: 14 minutes [full-vis lightextra], on P3 733 with 256mbsdram
Editor : Q3Radiant 202

Improvement of the final:

Exchanged Yellow for Red and Red for Yellow Armor
Improved health placement
Many details in design...


Thanks to the betatesters, who sent me some feedbacks:


!!All textures in the "...evil..." directory are made and (c) by evil lair. I took
all these great textures from the great evils_textures mappack. Big thanks for
these textures. They fit quite well in my map. -Thanks!!



Very good sites:

--> : cool maps and q3radiant-tutorials by Michel
--> www.planetq****.de : best german q3 site. (news, stuff etc.)
--> www.q****.de : German q****3 page
--> : Thanks for some textures!
--> : cool fun-maps by Ente
--> : evil lair's URL. Thanks for textures!



This level is (c) 2002 Cyben.
You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via
any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.

Quake III Arena (C) 1999 id Software. All rights reserved.