Secluded Complex
Secluded Complex by Cyben

As the author explains, this is a base-styled Tourney level with the typical metal and concrete textures. Many of the textures are from HFX. The level is a medium-sized map with plenty of vertical, and narrow corridors connecting the open areas quite well. The flow through the corridors would have been somewhat better with less corners to turn at. The teleporters are practically used as jumpads to an upper floor. If the enemy teleports in the lower floor, shoot a rocket near the spawn point of the upper floor and you'll hit them. There are a few interesting jumps and a very useful run, which consists in teleporting to the YA, then make a few circle-and strafe-jumps through the whole map and get the RA. The YA and RA rooms are somewhat heavily loaded with items. You can even stay on the YA room waiting for your enemy without needing to go somewhere else. This is due to the location of the YA, MH, the rocket launcher and rockets. This nitpick appears throughout the whole map: you find a weapon and ammo for the same weapon together, which hinders game flow. Bots play without problems, and they tend to double-back you with the teleporters.

Probably not a must have, but surely a very nice effort considering that it's the author's second map.

Reviewed by *papri-K*

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (11 votes)

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