Egyptian Outpost
by Q
Egyptian Outpost by Q
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#14   28 Jan 2021
Stumbled across this gem in QL. Getting strong old-school FFA vibes here and I'm loving the extensive underwater areas which is a rarity in Q3. Yes it strongly favours RG but if you're playing it in 16+ playerload (as you really should be) you quickly get punished for rail camping.
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#13   13 May 2020
It's a big but quite fun map with many bots. The predefined bot load is too small. The suggested is between 8 and 20.
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AEon Rep. 760
#12   21 Sep 2009
Hmmm... even though I love the design of the TPs, and the Egyptian design of this map, the overall size makes it pretty difficult to actually have fun in it. The map is simply too large, and the underwater areas should have been significantly reduced in size, IMO. Even with 7 bots in the map, it still feels empty. Candidate for a condensed re-make.
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justin unregistered
#11   07 May 2002
i love egypt thx alot im a egyptan frek in fact i warship there gods and goddes
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Rackat unregistered
#10   04 May 2002
I really like the look and 'feel' of this map.

But......the open areas are too open, and the tigth areas are too tight.

While on a large scale, they do balance out, it seems to me that the main fragfests will take place in the Quad area with minor scirmishes happening between players trying to get to that area.

I really liked the use of the TP's in this map. And the overall feeling is "fun". I would like to see this map converted to a CTF map.



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Johnny Law unregistered
#9   04 May 2002
Ah ha! Yes I was indeed (inexcusably) confused. The "very large" comment makes more sense now.

Haven't had the chance to get this one yet... won't have DSL back for massive downloading for a couple more days yet, so I'm not clicking on every download link in sight like I used to. :-)

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Q unregistered
#8   04 May 2002
Thanks to Johnny & Techx for pointing out how nice the CTF map (Pryamids) that evolved from this map is...........This is the original DM version guys! Maybe the inclusion of TA guns confused you. Look out for the just out UMP map pack to see the CTF version :D
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Johnny Law unregistered
#7   04 May 2002
One more thang... about the map being "very large". I don't want to nitpick such a positive review, but compared to Threewave maps this one is about the same size or a little smaller, as far as the floorplan goes. And the flag-to-flag time without rocketjumps is about 14 seconds on my laptop here (I have to use the "nubby" rather than a mouse, so I can't really strafejump or move well), compared to 16-17 seconds on q3w2 for example.

It does have a lot of vertical architecture and open spaces which can make it feel large. And actually, the side routes and lower water levels might make it "play large" as well to some extent... just don't expect a giant map.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   04 May 2002
Yeah, notime is apparently using some version from before 1.29f. I'd recommend that reviewers use the latest version of Q3/TA to test maps... the more recent versions do have some features that affect map entities.

Not sure what Papa is talking about either... but personally I haven't tried this exact version of the pk3.

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Techx unregistered
#5   03 May 2002
Q did a hell of a lot of work on this map and it's come a very long way. Much improved over earlier betas. I like the map, especially for cctf of course. Good job. 9 from me
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Q unregistered
#4   02 May 2002
Regarding 'In the Team Arena Version , some weapons and ammo are superimposed on the Vanilla Q3 weapons/ammo ( so you get BOTH when you pick them up. not a bad thing, but it looks a little unprofessional. '

That dosent happen for me. I can only assume that the review was done on an isnstall of Q3 with quite an old point release installed. I wasnt aware that using an old point could cause that problem at the time of release or I would have mentioned it in the readme.

I dont have a clue what "Papa Lazarou" is talking about either. I have never seen that bug or indeed enevn heard of it before. Probbaly a problem with his install.

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sedric unregistered
#3   01 May 2002
cool map Q! keep up the good work!

(btw i have never had the skirmish problem)

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keditok unregistered
#2   01 May 2002
I've NEVER seen that happen EVER "Papa Lazarou". Perhaps you tried to load it in Q2 or Q1?

I've played this map numerous times in beta stages, haven't seen that problem with this map, or any other.


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Papa Lazarou unregistered
#1   01 May 2002
This is yet another map that once installed into the baseq3 folder, causes the skirmish list to be emptied once in the game. Remove it and it's back to normal. Get your act together Mr.Author and test your damn maps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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