SYSTEM FAILURE - Burial Grounds Map Pak 1
SYSTEM FAILURE - Burial Grounds Map Pak 1 by Various
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#74   24 Aug 2020
An excellent set of maps! They all look fantastic and the gameplay is great fun with lots of open spaces and areas to explore, with sufficient vertical combat. The soundtracks are absolute bangers too! While it is true that back in the day this would have been a hefty download, it's no big deal in 2020, and it's absolutely worth checking out.
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dOOd unregistered
#73   09 Oct 2005
really sweet wicked-awesome maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite is digital fusion.
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The Loader unregistered
#72   15 May 2002
simply impressive :D

get them NOW !!

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Bionic_Tuna unregistered
#71   11 May 2002
the map pack rocks :D
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trenn unregistered
#70   09 May 2002
dl this puppy, you'll be glad you did =]
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bAd_hOrSiE unregistered
#69   08 May 2002
very nice pak. some great talent and some great maps. 'nuff said. if ya ain't got 'em, GET 'em...
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*Cujo* unregistered
#68   08 May 2002
Think they are great map, love to play them.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#67   08 May 2002
Stink*Star- I stop being hpb in July, after that I might give it a go :). Con = adsl, 7 cpu's and con is optimised for downloads not online games so any connection use messes up my ping big time (just to explain how I can d/l 51 megs and still be hpb :p). As it is I need some rubbish players to get any kills at all :). Also looks like I have timenudge -1000000 as well because of the packet loss which tends to annoy good players unless there is plenty of other easy targets around. Anyways, will see what I feel like in July :p.
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spynx_w2k unregistered
#66   08 May 2002
i dono why ONLY three of the maps got 9 and above but i DO know they all rock. i never had a lack of fun playing the maps at all. they are definately not meant for tourney or SERIOUS competitive play. they are perfect for the burialgrounfd ffa server :)

excellent job guys! 10/10

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pat unregistered
#65   08 May 2002
best maps ever nosaying
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bgclOLDWARRIOR unregistered
#64   08 May 2002
Ok, i've seen the comment's and took the time to read each one completly.
And i've played the map's on line quite a bit.
These map's were produced for us at the Burial Ground's.
(Thank's again to all of Those involved in the making of these map's for us,it took a lot of time and effort)
That said i find the map's to play very well and i like all of them.
You see most of us at Burial Ground's don't care what other's think of these map's.
True we like to see good comment's on the map's.
But the bottom line is these map's were made for us and we love them,i personaly don't care if anyone else like's them. Their our very own map's Nah ! Nah ! Nah ! :)
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Dirty_Diego unregistered
#63   08 May 2002
HIgh quality maps. A 6 pack would have been nice ;-)
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[F|C]Floggerr unregistered
#62   08 May 2002
Very nice map pak.As expected from these fine mappers.Thanks for all your time and effort.These maps reawaken my desire to play VQ3 again.
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Commander Keen unregistered
#61   08 May 2002
The best damn Q3A Community on the planet now has a map pack w00t! :o)

These are very fun very spacious maps for large gatherings like the fine matches we always have on the burial-grounds servers.

Some of the best names in mapping were involved, all with unique styles and still they managed to pull off a team effort and a seamless style to the map pack. With even more involvment by the custom music makers and gameplay input by one of the most professional map testers of our time.

Well worth the HDD space and the download wiat time.

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Wired unregistered
#60   08 May 2002
The maps play well on our servers, there is a sweet spot regarding the amount of players but luckily that happens to be exactly the number we usually have playing! :)

I don't listen to music while playing but I did crank it up to give it a listen and thought the guys did a great job for "original" music content. :)

I haven't seen a map yet that doesn't have some area/feature that campers will/can exploit - these maps are no different and I wouldn't have it any other way! I may not camp but I'll defend the rights of those that do - it's part of the game, a valid albeit annoying tactic :)

In conclusion, I'm very impressed with the overall effort, as good as it is I know the gang at BG will improve upon it for their next release! :)

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SC4LPC0LL3CT0R unregistered
#59   08 May 2002
I liked all the maps. Distant Sands was my overall favorite, but the other three were superb.

I would like to have seen a few item tweeks, like having the YA on the larger rock formation of the two rock formaions it sits between. But overall, item placment seems to have been tweaked for FFA on all of the maps.

I say kudos to all involved.

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^EGA^GloveBait unregistered
#58   08 May 2002
Superb maps!! Fun to play and lots of great new custom textures. The music is fantastic, really adds to the levels!
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captain unregistered
#57   08 May 2002
F1 to Stink*Star.. Come to BG. PLEASE. :)

WinnY: Where's your map? At least give a reason before you make a silly comment with out single word of support. "Bad use of textures". What's a good use?

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Stink*Star unregistered
#56   08 May 2002
"when all the players in the game have some skills worth mentioning (which is a situation that I have never been in)"

Come play on the BG. That's where these maps were designed to be played. For highly skilled players, but players who play(FFA) for fun.

The pak rocks, the music rocks, good job!!!

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#55   08 May 2002
It takes more than 30 seconds to look round each map. Maybe you just have a limited concentration span and should stick to things that don't require any effort at all. Join the dots or something, it's fun and can be completed and even mastered in less than a minute. Either way I don't think your mind is well suited to quake (or maybe you're just trying to sound cool by criticisng other ppl's work). Once again, the joys of trolling :p. sighs
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WinnY the Fragbate unregistered
#54   08 May 2002
didn't like any of the maps, very boring and bad use of textures didn't keep me interested more then 30 seconds.
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Chengaria unregistered
#53   05 May 2002
These maps are very sweet... Like strawberry shortcake and my little ponies sweet...

heh =P, nice job guys!

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#52   05 May 2002
You can fire PG and RL, but the sniper can see it coming a mile away. He waits 5 seconds until you run out of ammo and then will continue firing. Of course, the players around you probably killed you already. You also assume that you will even have an RL or PG to spray with.

MG is weaker but is a hitscan, so the sniper can't dodge it nearly as well. Still, you'll get killed by other players while you try to take out the sniper. That is how FFA works as opposed to TDM.

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keditok unregistered
#51   05 May 2002
Pure Imaginary, what's wrong with the PG to knock off pesk railers?
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#50   04 May 2002
This is probably my problem.

Most of the maps are designed for 4 - 8 players, and the server I was in had 10 - 12 players, lol. With good humans, 6 is probably the most you can have, but the server is unfortunately larger and not split into two servers with 8 player limits. =/

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Fragmoose unregistered
#49   04 May 2002
Excellent set of maps, nice and big for lots of peeps. I like Distant Sands the best. Looks like a lot of work went into these! I found camping easy, but boring cos the levels are so big that unless there's loads of people in them you can't make enough kills camping to keep up in the game.
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Myth unregistered
#48   04 May 2002
The problem is, on bgmp3 the rail gun is in the prime spot so when I played it against the bots for a few games I found it quite hard NOT to "camp" because you go in there get the RG and 9 times out of 10 there's 3 bots you can pick off almost right away, and by the time you've desposed of them there's another bot coming round the corner, so what are you gunna do? Get some more ammo for your RG and kill the bot, or run away just for the sake of not camping?
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johnboy unregistered
#47   04 May 2002
i think all these maps are very nice! but including the music in the download was a mistake! BG should think about releasing the maps without the music.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#46   04 May 2002
Just to put my opinion in, which may be influenced by not playing good enough people (that is not enough good people at the same time, maybe 30%-50% good players on server depending on how late it is). I have found with ffa that if players are the sort of players who camp weapons then they will do that regardless of item and ammo placement. Especially on public ffa servers (eu/uk domino ffa bing my main server when I can be arsed with being hpb or can borrow m8's cpu) then it is incredibly easy to sit near a weapon and kill everybody, even on 400 ping I have got up to 5 or 6 kills consectutively against lpb's by doing that on certain weapons (Not through camping but from ppl entering the room all the time). If you are the sort of player who likes to move around the map then obviously the sort of setup PI is talking about would be more condusive to player movement. Weapon camping will always happen in ffa tho' whatever the map is set up like. This is because it is an easy way to get kills and in many cases will give you a faster frag rate than playing properly unless things are different when all the players in the game have some skills worth mentioning (which is a situation that I have never been in). That's just my take on it anyways :p.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#45   03 May 2002
"Welcome to the FFA experiance. :)"

You can have FFA without 4 people in a room all the time but without bringing the game to a crawl. It is just that it is hard to do, especially if a mapper insists on having one or two very large rooms (like in the 3rd map).

I mean, you can play FFA otherwise, but I consider it to either be annoying or boring. :/ Most of the "problem" is how regular Quake 3 is set up (with 125 health spawns, having Railgun as the one and only adequate long range weapon, and weak power-ups/armor items), but it is still possible to rig a map to encourage players to move around rather than camp the nearest weapon for easy kills. The only way to do so is put plenty of important items (armors and power-ups) away from the key weapons, and it couldn't hurt to lace the areas with ammo clips for weapons that attacking players should have. This way the player will start at the weapon and then move on elsewhere (and they won't camp the armor after they get it because the respawn time is so high, so they will try to steal an item elsewhere).

Btw, trolls suck. =/

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#44   03 May 2002
Why would they release a shite map pack to advertise themselves? Haven't played them all properly yet but they were pretty fun for a bit of ffa. Going off the gametype a bit atm tho' so can't say much more than that until I get back into ffa. Everyone knows ppl only don't leave their name if they can't support their comments anyways :p. The joys of trolling :-/.
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StormShadow unregistered
#43   03 May 2002
at least have the balls to leave your name 'not entered' :D
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not entered unregistered
#42   03 May 2002
IMO this ma[p pack sucks and is jsut a advertisment for BG.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#41   03 May 2002
"What ultimately happens in these maps is that once you have enough players to "fit" in the levels, you already have 3 or 4 in some of the rooms, and most of the time, they are all next to a certain weapon, making for one easy target for any new players entering the room."

Welcome to the FFA experiance. :)

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#40   03 May 2002
^^Ch@os^^, I actually did play these maps online. I never even tried them against bots.

OzZ, contraire to your belief, shooting a Railgun from a remote area a.k.a. camping with a Railgun a.k.a. sniping is itself a form of spamming and is even more annoying because it is difficult that given player accountable (any weapon can respond against an RL, but only another Railgun or maybe an MG can threaten the player). The only way you are going to take away spam is if you limit most combat situations to 2 players at a time.

What ultimately happens in these maps is that once you have enough players to "fit" in the levels, you already have 3 or 4 in some of the rooms, and most of the time, they are all next to a certain weapon, making for one easy target for any new players entering the room.

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OzZ unregistered
#39   03 May 2002
I think the ammo balance is jut fine. More aiming than spamming the whole map with bullets and rockets etc. These maps will definitely increase your Quake3 skills. Congrats to the crew! Can't wait for mappak2! Hail and KILL!
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OzZ unregistered
#38   03 May 2002
I think the ammo balance is jut fine. More aiming than spamming the whole map with bullets and rockets etc. These maps will definitely increase your Quake3 skills. Congrats to the crew! Can't wait for mappak2! Hail and KILL!
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#37   02 May 2002
I think you will enjoy them a lot more online with players if you have not already. Then again, it just may not be the style of play you are after.

Thanks to everyone for thier feedback though....I'm sure we'll take it all in to consideration for the next pak..


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krekits unregistered
#36   02 May 2002
I agree with wviperw. All maps are too open and because of that the FPS decrease when there's fighting going on. Looks are very nice, but the gameplay isn't as good. They are above average all of them, though.
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wviperw unregistered
#35   02 May 2002
Myth: When it doesn't say who reviewed it, then its Tigger-On who did it.

Maps were pretty good. Atmosphere was definately the highpoint of the mappack. But the gameplay didn't really do it for me--too wide open and simple on a lot of them. And the fights don't occur around the important items like MH and armor, like PI said.

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=Ranger= unregistered
#34   02 May 2002
OMG...extra ordinaire.

This set of maps r fookin great. Well crafted, lots of open space. Textures r superb :^)

Keep up the good work guys and thank u :^)

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Myth unregistered
#33   02 May 2002
out of interest, who did review this pack?
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#32   02 May 2002
I know silly things like balance (to the degree I see them) don't matter to most people, so the levels will be fun for most, which was the whole idea behind them...
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#31   02 May 2002
I hate to spoil the party, but I'm going to make some measured comments here. =P

The maps look very nice, but they really could have used more resources, particularly of the defensive variety. Weapons are good in maps, but players should looking elsewhere to fight, like over a Megahealth, armor, or a power-up. Part of the problem is finding the right balance for the right number of players, but in a frantic game of FFA with decent players, you really need lots of health and armor so a survivor can be rewarded with a reasonable chance of winning the next battle.

I also felt was too much open space in the 3rd map.

I haven't really played the 1st one yet, so I can't really comment on that one.

If the goal is to have balance, scatter more ammo clips, health, and armor around the level so players can afford to move away from the weapons and hunt players.

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Myth unregistered
#30   02 May 2002
Cripes! I've never seen so much praise in such a short space of time!! cool :)
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*papri-K* unregistered
#29   02 May 2002
wow, a StormShadow map in the pack!!! Downloading right now :)
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Player unregistered
#28   02 May 2002
BEAUTIFUL maps that I can enjoy on my turn of the century box.

Great gameplay served up with lush atmosphere and eyecandy.

Topped off with sweet custom music, tailored to each map that only adds to the experience.

Nuff said..drag your mouse over to download..and click :D

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*meep* unregistered
#27   02 May 2002
I'm sold :D

These maps are a pleasure to play. A lot of sweat and tears went into the making of this - the entire BGMP team did a wonderful job. Kudos!

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Grudge unregistered
#26   02 May 2002
This is definitely the best mappack out there. It's really nice that all the maps in a pack are great for a change. I love 'em. We played quite a few LAN games on Finko's and StormShadow's maps yeasterday. They rock! We were only 5 players, so bgmp3 was a bit too big for us, but bgmp4 was perfect. It's really great - the large corridors on the upper level, the open areas on the lower, and the smaller corridors connecting them were perfectly balanced. And it really shows that the item placement has been perfectly tweaked. (Although there is some bad z-fighting in a couple of places in 16-bit. Especially on the main floor in the Quad room, but that's only nitpicks)

StormShadow deserves huge amounts of respect, bgmp4 is the best FFA map I've played for ages. Definitely in my personal top three.

Hopefully I'll be able to play on bgmp1 and bgmp2 tonight, and I'll be back with comments on those two.

// Grudge

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quint unregistered
#25   02 May 2002
I wanted to thanks ch@os pubblically for his idea of the pack, for his professional way of running the project, for the incredible team he was able to create. And special thanks goes to Mikey, the best tester a mapper could meet! I had a lot of fun being part of this "event", working with mappers of the caliber of Jax_Gator, El Finko and StormShadow. The music are simply professional! Personally, I'm very glad that my map has been appreciated so much (thanks to all the guys who are mailing me!), it has passed thruogh 5 betas, 4 months of work... like all the other maps! Cool experience!
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K!NG|Anthony unregistered
#24   01 May 2002
The map pack sums up the community that exists at burial grounds .com I am a member or this community and the people there give w/o expectation for returns. I love the maps and the people there. Any person into q3 should do themselves a favor get the maps and get to BG to see what a game community can be like at it's finest. These maps scream play me and that's what we do at BG play. Bring on the pain people and Thanks to the admin <a href="mailto:Ch@os">Ch@os</a> for his organization of such a fine map pack.
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bIO unregistered
#23   01 May 2002
UNBELIEVABLE! Quint's map rocks -- i feel like i'm walking on real carpet! so lush, and so well laid out!

Jax's map is just plain fun cuz there's so many places to jump up to and there are secrets hehe. Finko's is crazy huge both horz and vert, and great for railing! Storm's not only looks rad (blue/yellow/grey) but it's one of those maps where i never see unbalanced gameplay -- there are firefights EVERYWHERE..not just in one place.

A guys, i'm thoroughly impressed!

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Myth unregistered
#22   01 May 2002
yep, I concur. This is a most quality map pack :)

My favourite is prolly Quint's (bgmp1) coz I think it makes the best use of space. But they all rule!

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keditok unregistered
#21   01 May 2002
IOh cool a map with Casey and Scancode, and Hal . . . .and . . .

I smell spam

Best Q3 mapppers LOL

Good mappers maybe, best, LOL

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#20   01 May 2002
Okay you've convinced me :). Downloading atm... I may be some time :p
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#19   01 May 2002
Sorry <SuX0r>, no seperate download. Honestly, that would require another 53 megs of webspace to host the other two files. Sure, I could get mirrors again, but that's kind of asking a lot IMO. I think the maps are well worth your time. Sure, my opinions are a bit biased. However, there is no way I would put this pak together and release it if they were crap. heh.
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dolo unregistered
#18   01 May 2002
I reviewed the maps here: (Link is now dead - Tig, 10.Oct.2005)

Three of the maps got above 90%.

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#17   01 May 2002
Any chance of putting a version without music up as I'm not sure a 51 meg download is worth the time for maps I'm not sure I'll like. Sure there's lots of positive feedback (before anyone points that out) but mostly from Burial Grounds players :p.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#16   01 May 2002
just noticed that you have the BG logo backwards in that picture Tig! :)
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Pat la matrake STN unregistered
#15   01 May 2002
Best maps ever made by QUake 3 god mapper. thumbs up !
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Felonious unregistered
#14   01 May 2002
A very ambitious project with phenomenal results. You couldn't have gotten a highly paid team to accomplish what these guys did. Think about it - 4 maps, and not one of them suck!

Online gaming doesn't get any better than this.

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captain unregistered
#13   01 May 2002
the music rocks!
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bgc|OLDWARRIOR unregistered
#12   01 May 2002
HEH ! what can i say D/L them you Foo's they are great :)
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Commander Keen unregistered
#11   01 May 2002
These maps went through rigorous beta testing and scrutinizing eyes ;o) I think that any server with over 6 or 7 people on it would have a blast with all of these maps.

A very distinguished team of mappers too. :o)

And one hell of a beta team. :D

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BudTokeR unregistered
#10   01 May 2002
Burial Grounds knows what they're doing. These maps are 1st class. I can't stop playing!!!
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Punky unregistered
#9   01 May 2002
These are four of the most beautiful maps I've ever seen or played. Not only do they look amazing, but the gameplay is spot on as well. It's clear that each went through extensive beta testing to insure optimum item placement and flow. Each map has it's own atmotsphere that is enhanced by the music. It's obvious this endeavor was made for the love of Quake.

Great job guys!!

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Mikey unregistered
#8   01 May 2002
4 GREAT maps!!!
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.:[NECROSIS]:. unregistered
#7   01 May 2002
I just like to say that as part of the development team I'm very proud to say that these guys are top notch, from the music to the maps it as all extremely well put together.

I just like to point out these maps play incredibly well and fun with people...defenitly worht the donwload ;)

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V-Thrax unregistered
#6   01 May 2002
Been playin' these for a couple of days and they are AWESOME!!!!
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not entered unregistered
#5   01 May 2002
It's made from some of the greatest mappers of Q3!
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20 20 unregistered
#4   01 May 2002
Big download but definately worth it! Great gameplay on all the maps, great looking also.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#3   01 May 2002
Thanks for the review Tig!

And thanks to all the guys who helped put this together!

Hope everyone enjoys the pak...even if the music did inflate the size a little :)

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Poet unregistered
#2   01 May 2002
Producing some quality online play.

Balanced to a Tee!

They can all take a Might bow!

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Rackat unregistered
#1   01 May 2002

Well worth the download. Awesome maps by fantastic mappers.

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