Egyptian Outpost
by Q
Egyptian Outpost by Q

A very large Egyptian theme map! A semi-open courtyard plays home to a Quad Damage, while the four compass corners hold massive temples, pyramid structures and edifices that are honeycombed with corridors and sunken hallways. A lot of action will be played out in those sunken Egyptian by-ways since they hold the BFG and the Battle Suit. The rest of the action is around the Quad!

Custom Egyptian Textures by Socks with the authors own inclusion of sky, jump-pad, fog and water shaders set the mood better than most Egyptian themed offerings. From the bright yellow, diluted sunlight of the outside mid-day sky, to the just too darn cute ankh weapon place holders; to the Pharaoh and his pooches holding guard over the Lightning Gun this level will surely make you feel like dancing a jig to 'King Tut'.

Two Different versions are included; a regular version and a 'Rail Frenzy' version, both being compatible with Team Arena. Some differences between the Vanilla and the Rail Frenzy version: (RF version) No submerged hallways, no BFG. In the above mentioned building - the Rail Gun is substituted for a MegaHealth in the semi-hidden hallway by the teleporter. In the Team Arena Version ( which the Bots seemed to play a lot better for some reason ), some weapons and ammo are superimposed on the Vanilla Q3 weapons/ammo ( so you get BOTH when you pick them up. not a bad thing, but it looks a little unprofessional.

The BFG is not a major concern since there is limited ammo - and its submerged; giving your opponents lots of rail time. A shoot-thru grate also lies above the Battle Suit to take care of unsuspecting newbies. However; should someone happen to get the Battle Suit, the BFG and the Quad ( since they are pretty close ), they are certainly going to be unstoppable for a short while. The spaces are open enough that its possible to avoid those unpleasant meetings while stocking up on your own health/armour even the hallways have room to dodge and weave.

Unfortunately Bots are prone to stay underwater and try for the BFG, even to the exclusion of shooting at you which makes them easy rail practice.

Grab some friends, a lot of them, and ... Can we say 'Lan Party'. Download now!

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefera

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (28 votes)

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