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I_like_quake unregistered
#10   31 Aug 2011
I loved this map pack, just wish some maps were separately released as normal maps (one flag, More than one weapon etc.) because some of the maps are really good
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SW12 unregistered
#9   17 Aug 2010
Whats the one lightning map called? (Lego)
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spirit Rep. 419
#8   02 Aug 2010
The quality varies as mentioned in the review and I doubt that somebody will play any of the maps more than 5 times but if you got some time to spend give this collection a try. I played these maps during 2 afternoons with a friend and it was great fun. We still wanted more when we had played them all.
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david unregistered
#7   26 Oct 2002
nice change of pace on 1 weapon 4 each map , a 9 from me :) !!!
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david unregistered
#6   26 Oct 2002
nice change of pace on 1 weapon 4 each map , a 9 from me :) !!!
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USAGeorge unregistered
#5   30 Apr 2002
BerneyBoy you really know how to but a great fast action good looking pack together, you got a great variety of maps in your pack for all types of people to play, you also got great mappers on your team.

Keep it up dude, hope your working on another pack & you can count on me to download it.....lol


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Christian Goulet unregistered
#4   12 Apr 2002
SUPER map I hope that you make more maps like it go for it CHRINOR
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#3   07 Apr 2002
Wow! This map pack is really cool. There's too many to comment on individually but all the original maps which have been changed play much better with the changes. If you're not on a dial up this is a most worthy download :). Esp good if you don't get to play ctf against ppl much as botplay is pretty good all around. 9 from me.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#2   05 Apr 2002
Woohoo! I loved the original WTF maps, sadly on modem 'til Sunday :(. LOL "pro" shotgun map, that was so the worst of the original maps :p. Can't wait until Sunday *jumps up and down impatiently*.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   03 Apr 2002
Yay! These were great fun. The updates and additions were quite fun to see - especially the shotgun map, which is now playable, though it's humurous to see the original included as a "pro" option :-) The four flag ctf is still fast and fun, and bots can actually make mean opponents. If there's one area where it fell apart, the gauntlet maps were a bit too open (even though they were very close, once you had the flag that was it). Also one of the LG maps (lego style?) was quite large, which is against the idea of WTF imho. That said, the largeish MG map fared much better. The new RL map was just amazing! Quite fun, and the bots reallly liked that one. So 9/10, definitely better than the original, but some of the additions just seem a little off.


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