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Mapsking Rep. 382
#36   06 Jul 2020
The map itself is a fun map. I let my wife play it in a tourney match against her friend, and did not tell them about the architecture, just to see if they would notice. They played, had a great time, and suggested I keep it until I told them about the following...

For anyone who does not know, there is a giant erect penis pointing directly at a giant vagina of a naked woman, made from the architecture of the map, and whenever you get close to the jumppad on top of it, it shoots several plasma blasts towards the woman's crotch. You can guess what this is referencing. Not one we will be keeping in our map collection for playing with the kids, but still a fun map, and I recommend it for adults.

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Anonymous unregistered
#35   28 Apr 2017
quiero jugarlo en Beben III en iPhone y no carga .... alguna solución?
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#34   27 May 2015
@CZghost & Martinus: Yeah...when I first saw it 5 years ago, I thought it was a spider. Of course, I was judging the map by the screenshot and didn't bother reading the review.
Edited 5.52 hours after the original posting.
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#33   26 May 2015
Whoah :D :D :D I never noticed that until reading your comment Martinus and looking carefully on the levelshot :D :D :D So nice easter egg :D :D
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Martinus Rep. 592
#32   25 May 2015
Is... is that a... oh, and that is a....
When I was even younger, and play on this map, I didn't notice anything on that... mountain.
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#31   10 Aug 2014
There are pretty nasty render bugs in this map:

Although, item placement seems too chaotic for me, this it not so much best map, didn't and won't try bot play, archiving map for historical purposes... I won't vote for that map since I never vote low. Sorry, but this is pretty terror to play. It's my opinion, so do not take this personally.

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#30   15 Jul 2011
(looks at the architecture)

Me:... wtf
Edited: 25 Jan 2012 AEST

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Chimaera unregistered
#29   07 Mar 2002
Fantastic level architecture here man!!! I agree with the majority of comments regarding the 'play' of the map but not every map has to be about flow. It took me a while to notice, but when I did I couldn't help but laugh out load. Keep it up!!! :)
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WangButter unregistered
#28   04 Mar 2002
A cool novelty map. Main problem with the construction is there's a lot of distance z-fighting.

Donwload it to have a look at the construction.

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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#27   01 Mar 2002
Nixon was an honest man I've heard from some and this is a good level which "rams the 'fun' element home". C'mon please tell me your not serious. Let's be truthful the level bites, it lacks gameplay it slams rspeeds and fun yeah I guess maybe for some. Should have spent more time on the actual level and less on sculpting with radiant, the female form is quite proper though. Levelord please try Radiant again, just give us a serious effort next time.
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asudem unregistered
#26   01 Mar 2002
great map. too bad it wasn't for SIN 2
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cHROMe unregistered
#25   01 Mar 2002
from what ive seen, from another mappers point of view, its a good map that utilizes the q3 engine rather well. BUT, it does lack in gameplay in a few areas. yes, cool looking maps are good, but its also wise to think about gameplay 1st hand. Placing of entities and such is a key factor i like to see in maps if the map lacks gameplay and well ent placing i usually score a map low. BUT it was nice playin with bots.. slaughter house though, with people.. to much camping. I give this a 7 for the good looks and memorable aspects and brush usages.
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cHROMe unregistered
#24   01 Mar 2002
from what ive seen, from another mappers point of view, its a good map that utilizes the q3 engine rather well. BUT, it does lack in gameplay in a few areas. yes, cool looking maps are good, but iys also wise to think about gameplay 1st hand.
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Castle unregistered
#23   01 Mar 2002
Only levelord could EVER get away with this map and also get a good review at LVL.

That alone should get a wow factor!

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BALLSLAPPER unregistered
#22   01 Mar 2002
This map kicks ASS!!!'re getting a smell!!!
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Octovus unregistered
#21   01 Mar 2002
elende: For someone who has trouble speaking English, you've got a pretty good sense of puns :-) And Pecado, I must admit the comment made me wonder too...but hey.
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El Pecado unregistered
#20   01 Mar 2002
./me jumps in line behind the mappers and the LVL crew to give Levelord a rim job.

"Its a fun map that really rams the 'fun' element home." - LVL

You guys are full of Levelord cock

-El Pecado

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not entered unregistered
#19   01 Mar 2002
He's SUCH a perv.

And we thought Paul Steed was bad for his models... sheesh.

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macho unregistered
#18   01 Mar 2002
not so good from pro-mapper...
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Dick unregistered
#17   01 Mar 2002
I give this map an 11! ...inches!
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elendeNATTE! unregistered
#16   01 Mar 2002
wiped off the drive. :)

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LordSquart unregistered
#15   01 Mar 2002
Levelord is my idol :)))

kool level man ..

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Kit Carson unregistered
#14   01 Mar 2002
LoL, Levelord, u crazy!

anyway, except for the SPERMAGUN, the level sucks:))))

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nunuk unregistered
#13   01 Mar 2002
edge of oblivion ..... souvenirs.
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killmachine unregistered
#12   01 Mar 2002
cool level
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#11   28 Feb 2002
Oh my...

The review tells me all I need to know. :)

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monaco unregistered
#10   28 Feb 2002
eh, this was dumb. repetitive textures, boring LAN play, and a Quad + BFG perfectly placed for camping.

the titties were fun to bounce around on for a while I admit, this was was a very good and well made novelty map but I am sure The Lord can do better! His section of Alice was absolutley brilliant, this is neat looking but in the end pretty boring.

I give it a 5 for strangeness, and hope levelord comes back with another Q3 lvl soon.

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Sinpost unregistered
#9   28 Feb 2002
No one likes Ritualistic.
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Octovus unregistered
#8   28 Feb 2002
I played this without noticing the "rampant manhood" or the weird is that. The plasma got me wondering, though. Anyways. The level itself is ok. The outdoors are insanely open, leaving BFGs and RGs as the order of the day (the BFG is also infamously easy to get). Powerups are scattered a bit too liberally imho, with as the review suggests items being almost everywhere. In the end it's a sad thing to have him release such a mediocre last map...but oh well. Gets a 7 from me but the average is high so I'll score lower (I don't do that much, but two scores today bugged me, and at least I'm being honest about it :-p)


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nanoSpawn unregistered
#7   28 Feb 2002
bleh, sad to see that this map is far to be any fun =/

Curious stuff, like the man thingy and the woman, and excelent technical touches, but, definately, this map aint a keeper, Levelord is a pro-mapper that knows very well the engine and its features, he should (and might) focus more on gameplay... just that i want fun maps rather than cool ones, and this one aint even cool, the only good thing on it are the rocky sections (awesome, obviously he worked on Fakk 2). A 6 from me

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LeftE unregistered
#6   28 Feb 2002
Levelord owns us once again
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#5   28 Feb 2002
This map makes me wanna jack.

I think I see nipples.

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Ritualistic unregistered
#4   28 Feb 2002
This level is the bomb
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Earl Daddy unregistered
#3   28 Feb 2002
I got my computer taken away after my mom caught me trying to insert things into the monitor.
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R.P.G. unregistered
#2   28 Feb 2002
Perhaps not the best map I've ever played, but certainly right up there.

The Levelord's talent is just amazing.

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xfoo unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2002
Get it to see some q3 pr0n and then delete it.
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