MVDM07 - Born to Jump
MVDM07 - Born to Jump by Munyul Verminard
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Octovus unregistered
#1   17 Feb 2002
All about defense? I guess you're referring to defending items in tourney...but the level is tight enough that you either know exactly where your oponnent is or you have no idea, so that comment seems a bit incongrous. The texturing could get annoying for some, but it's certainly no eye sore. Gameplay is pretty cool as an FFA, with some nice little "tricks" for getting items (though they aren't cpm oriented to the best of my recollection). The RA and MH comment is true, something that seems to be lacking in recently reviewed maps (if PI's reviews are true to form, I certainly haven't played all of them). It is very small but because of the enclosed spaces four players really can work, though some atriums (near the MH and down by the RL room) become pretty much outright brawls with that player count or any more.

7 from me.


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