MKVDV - Vorsprung durch Vernichtung
MKVDV - Vorsprung durch Vernichtung by Killer
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#16   12 Jul 2012
So many maps have the same textures which really annoys me since they can't use there own but still it actually is a great texture. Gameplay is average but needs to be sorted out. Bot play is kinda good but yet again needs fixing. 7/10
Edited: 12 Jul 2012 AEST
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#15   05 Jul 2009
i don't mind the room/corridor feel myself. it actually breaks from the layout hubster describes that form the majority of my baseq3. rails in corridors makes for some fun. i also like the drops across to the 50h on the middle level. my only gripe is the proximity of the mh to the regen and killers maps always shine in mods where the stock item layout is bypassed.
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Ska unregistered
#14   20 Feb 2002
Im a fan of Killers work too (1v1 mksteel any day Killer ;-))Hey, i think the map ROX, esp in CLAN ARENA!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!! KICK ASSS MAN!!!!!!!!
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Bill Brooks unregistered
#13   19 Feb 2002
I like the looks (the textures, the brush work and the patchs)

All topnotch work, the game play is alittle to consentrated in the halls but it is still a blast. This map stays in my keep on harddrive folder and in my favorite maps Q3install....

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#12   18 Feb 2002
Great map. I like the different kind of gameplay here very much, it's not the standard combat taking place here :) Which is a very good thing imho.
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*papri-K* unregistered
#11   18 Feb 2002
cool map, I say add it to your collection.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#10   17 Feb 2002
It could be worse; at least no one is editing mistakes into your writing. o_O
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The Hubster unregistered
#9   17 Feb 2002
No doubt about it, the map is very nicely textured, and the overall look is right up there.

The layout is something I thought that was quite questionable. I agree with Pure in that the corner-running is definately a factor of the gameplay.

The relatively symmetrical feel had me a little disappointed, and I noticed while navigating through it that it's a very room-corridor-room type of layout, as opposed to the intermingling room-corridor/ledge-room-etc etc type of layout we see that (imho) makes a map feel like one entire entity in itself. Know what I mean?

It's a good map, no doubt. I just think the layout could be have had more complexity added to it.

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Electro unregistered
#8   17 Feb 2002
i'm a Killer fan, and have been for some time... but i'll try not to be too bias.. heh.

Killer is spot on with the "in-yer-face" style shotgun combat. Some kills are a little to easy to make for me in the corridors, but that wont stop me from going crazy with it. I really like the looks of the map, and the general sci-fi feel. As usual, i only tested the map in CPMA, and was able to pull off a few trick jumps... not sure about vq3 though... the hallways just wouldn't feel the same as you wouldn't be able to reach the same speeds as you could through bunny-hopping the map in CPMA.

I like it. 8.

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Killer unregistered
#7   17 Feb 2002
Well I always knew that the gameplay of this map would be a love or hate deal. I'm a big fan of the railgun so I happen to like it, the Shotgun is also cool for when you round a corner and end up right in someones face.

Sniper: I can't really say anything that Octovus and nunuk (thanks man :-) haven't already said :-P

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nunuk unregistered
#6   17 Feb 2002
sniper, killer began mapping a long time ago, while you still had dipers on. one of the first dude to produce quality custom levels for q3.

remember, it's far better to be a killer mapper than a sniper kiddie.


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Octovus unregistered
#5   17 Feb 2002
Sniper: Coming from someone with that name, that's either a semi-stupid pun or a very retarded comment :-p

Anyways. It's "nice" to see this level getting a "not so perfect" review; the aesthetics are definitely great, particularly in one (almost never visisted) outdoor pathway. I don't know about running for corners; that seems a bit contradictory to your "getting stuck in alcoves" comment, but whatever. Unfortunately, despite the size of the map overall it is 99% enclosed fighting and elende's bunnyjumping (bunnyhopping is more normal to call it I guess, but whatever) comment is very true. The hallways are a bit too long and straight in many places.

7 from me.


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elendeNATTER! unregistered
#4   17 Feb 2002
"running for the corners" yes that's right.. and most of the action taks place in the long hallways where you can speed up with bunnyjumping.. BUT if you ask me... though this map kicks some Ass ! played TDM on a LAN.. it was a lot of Fun and the map has a lot of atmosphere.. runs fast.. etc.. grab this piece of art now !
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Sniper unregistered
#3   16 Feb 2002

Is he serious?

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wviperw unregistered
#2   16 Feb 2002
while I never really liked the gameplay of this lvl that much, I think the lvl is better than what the review seems to say. Its definately a quality level aesthetics wise, and I think the gameplay is better than most levels that come through LVL. My main beef was the tightness of the level. most of the fighting was shotgun to the face kind of stuff for me, which isn't my kind of level, but a lot of people may like it.
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hannibal unregistered
#1   16 Feb 2002
PI sums it well for me. Plus, a bit too much long distance fighting in some crampy hallways. Gameplay is just so so.
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