ZeitGeist by -cha0s-
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#18   12 Dec 2023
This map might seem too small, but for me its size is just as I'd like it to be. At the end of the day, a small level doesn't necessarily mean a bad level :) I think it doesn't matter how big a map is, the important thing is how well its other aspects are adapted for players to enjoy it with a specific scale. In addition, CHT1 manages to present all the weapons, RA, YA, and MH, even despite its rather modest universe. This universe, however, offers a harmonized color palette of grey and green with a little bit of blue, proper weapon placement and outstanding gameplay!

Such successful gameplay is achieved thanks to the diversified layout and good connectivity of different floors and areas. Various twists, staircases, teleporters and this interesting tiny elevator platform that can be activated by pressing the button next to it play a good role in joining all the pieces of the map together. All the weapons are carefully and evenly spread around the level, and it's easy to get the RA, too — you just need to jump off on the platform with it from the upper floor (an alternative would be a rocket jump). This may seem rather difficult to implement at first, but in fact, in my opinion it's quite simple.

The movement is smooth and consistent, it feels like you're playing on a server with 0 ping :) I think the level is suitable for FFA, but also Tourney and TDM. Another thing to note about items is the fact that the ammo is well distributed across the map too, at that different types of ammo neighbour each other. All the weapons are located in the suitable locations appropriately: SG in a narrower corridor so that shells don't spread too widely, GL on the upper floor above a more opened area so that players may throw grenades down there, RL on a sharply turning staircase to prevent rocket spam on a map with smaller scale like this, LG a little bit to the side so as not to allow the instant close-combat lightning dominance, RG in a very open area so that there's some combat for this valuable weapon, and PG in a medium width room.

The atmosphere on the level reminds me of rocky terrain, a botanical garden and Doom 3, everything at once 😅 The reason why it makes me think of Doom 3 is most likely because it's a spooky map with narrow corridors, projectors and stone walls C: By the way, one of the looped sounds here is the one that the Black Hole Generator from Quake 2 makes.

I agree with @Takkie , not only is CHT1 a piece of art, but it's also a great map with some very fun gameplay! Magnificent job on this release, -Cha0s-!

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raspatan Rep. 4510
#17   26 Sep 2020
Small and cramped. Hard to move around. This map does not need a railgun either. A 1.5 version of it would be a superb map.
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scinia Rep. 25
#16   09 Aug 2018
i got 188 kills in one round in this cool map and the weapon pads are pretty neat!
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#15   01 Feb 2015
Great map. Gameplay is fast. Nice textures and good size (small).
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#14   30 Jan 2012
The environment is beautiful. I'm fairly impressed by this map :).
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Dave Rep. 53
#13   23 Dec 2011
Exelente es grande y con naturaleza!
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stoni unregistered
#12   28 Jun 2002
Good work!
Looks good, plays good with about 3 or 4 and I like the atmosphere

try it!

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hannibal unregistered
#11   16 Feb 2002
Just average on the "How-long-you-gonna-keep-meh" scale. Not a fan of the hallways. But I do look forward to cha0s' future work.
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Comic Relief unregistered
#10   12 Feb 2002
/me gets big kick reading comments! Me also think ZeitGeist fun level. Just right for 1 on 1. Uh, hallways and doors not too tiny for Comic.
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Octovus unregistered
#9   11 Feb 2002
Aha! I remember this one (a case of download the file, attempt to insert in baseq3 directory, get error because there is already a file in there named the same :-p. I keep all my q3 maps as I have a proggy that will play a map at random whenever I want, so more variety = good).

That said, I really enjoyed this level! It comes from the Charon school of mapping with tight hallways and atriums, but as xfoo hinted it takes that rather to the extreme. More space might have been nice, but at least the author is consistent. Also in agreement with xfoo over the texturing; a nice environment of hazy blue metal is greatly enhanced by the ferns and grass textures/models, to the extent that it feels almost like a walk in an elven forest (ok I'm going extreme here, but a wild place that has been "civilized", maybe ancient ruins? I'll shut up, suffice it to say I liked it). Gameplay is pretty good. The upper levels don't offer much reason to stay however, only the portion near the stairs gets real attention; the bots don't even understand the lift 3/4 of the time (I believe this is a recognised problem).

Sweet looks, pretty good IP, not at all bad gameplay, but stinted flow...hit or miss, but I give it an 8.


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xfoo unregistered
#8   11 Feb 2002
Okay, I didn't do anything but run around this map for 10 minutes... but I still have a few comments.

1 - It continues to boggle my mind on how mappers insist on making tiny ass hallways with tiny ass doors. An extra 32 units would of really helped in some spots.

2- Didn't really like how there are only 2 ways up from the lower half of the map.

3- I like what was done with the arch. and textures.

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#7   11 Feb 2002
Octovus, I should have clarified that the "4 month" part applies to Eversor. Sorry about that! :O

Eversor was the only one who complained.

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Octovus unregistered
#6   11 Feb 2002
(Which is to say the RG comment was in brad's review, not yours...)
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not entered unregistered
#5   11 Feb 2002
"The reviewers here don't magically get all these maps and have the time to handle them."

Imaginary, please. I respect your position in the community and I am very happy to see people submitting reviews (I've sent it 9 or so myself to date, it may be more but its no less...the reviewer details lost one is mine).

And it's not some exclusive club. I know you're trying to say that, because you comment he can send one in - and that's what he said he was going to do! Anyone who really wants to review a certain map can send it in, and it doesn't matter who the heck they are, there's been tons of reviewers contributing as of late. It's not as if d00m5suck4 (I hate l33t names :-p) was disagreeing with you anyways, you weren't the reviewer...I just don't understand why you went so on the defensive?

Anyways, I'll probably be playing this tonight, comments then.


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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#4   11 Feb 2002
Hi Pure Imaginary!

"A bot being good with a weapon in a certain map is absolutely no justification to have the weapon in the map."

Ok, good point, but

"A weapon placed in a map should be useful in some situations but should not be dominant."

and that is precisely what I think the railgun is.

I admit, while playing the first 40 frags in the map I went "Dang, why the railgun in this narrow map?"

Then after a few 100 frags more, both 1 vs. 1 and 4 FFA, even 6FFA (!) with 3 humans and 3 bots I think that the railgun is a pretty good addition.

And, to come back to my previous statement, this was shown by a bot to me, alone I would probably not have realized this.

"I churned out this review after a matter of hours after getting the map."

I had this maps for weeks (27th of September) and -I repeat myself- was planning to do a review after I noticed it being in the queue. I played this map over and over again to get a proper impression, therefore I was too late to hand it in. :(

"If you think you can give a fair review, go to the Map queue and help out."

I actually might do this, but I might be too slow again and besides that I am no mapper and I really do not notice "the fern limb that goes through a +25 health ball" (no offense intended!) unless it hinders the gameplay.

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#3   10 Feb 2002
"huh? Have you played against Klesk or Xaero? Even Doom kicks a55 with the Rail Gun."

A bot being good with a weapon in a certain map is absolutely no justification to have the weapon in the map.

In an ideal competitive world, a weapon placed in a map should be useful in some situations but should not be dominant.

No one had this map 4 months before reviewing it; as a matter of fact, I churned out this review after a matter of hours after getting the map. The reviewers here don't magically get all these maps and have the time to handle them. If you think you can give a fair review, go to the Map queue and help out.

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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#2   10 Feb 2002

Brad said:

"the Rail Gun is probably not needed"

huh? Have you played against Klesk or Xaero? Even Doom kicks a55 with the Rail Gun.

My only complaint about the map is that there are too many items for 1:1, it is perfect for a 4 player FFA.

When I noticed that this great map was still in the queue, I wanted to do a review, too, but a few days later, the review(s) were already submitted.

An which word is missing in this sentence:

"the platform on the bottom level for the should have held the MH"

Download it :)



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Eversor unregistered
#1   10 Feb 2002
To write these few lines took 4 month! Extremly too long for such a brilliant map!


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