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I n f o r m a t i o n So here it is, my first map with this thing called "gameplay" :D It's a small tourney-map in a grey / blue tech style. In the "with music version" there is also included a 3minutes long soundtrack by giL/MentalX (thx *g*) There are two floors wich are connectet with teleporters, stairs and elevators. The layout is a bit hard to explain, so go and see yourself :) Hafe Fun ! I n s t a l l a t i o n Make sure you have the Quake III: Arena point release installed. For more information, visit http://www.quake3arena.com/ Unzip the pk3 file in your baseq3 folder. Run Quake III Arena and select Single player then Skirmish. The map should appear somewhere on the list, usually at the end. S t a t i s t i c s base from scratch editors used q3radiant 2.00; photoshp 6.0 known bugs bots wont use the elevator textures see credits build time aprox. 4 months Pc: AMD Duron @ 750mhz, 256MB, 3dfx Voodoo3, Win2k q3map BSP time 1min q3map Vis time 13min q3map Light time 3min bspc time 2min B r u s h e s quantity name 1507 worldspawn brushes 8 brushes in entities 307 brushes with mixed texture faces 220 texture entity brushes 1295 total brushes without texture entity brushes 1295 visible brushes 1515 total brushes P a t c h e s quantity name 26 worldspawn patches 0 patches in entities 0 texture entity patches 26 visible patches 26 total patches E n t i t i e s quantity name 1 weapon_grenadelauncher 1 weapon_lightning 1 weapon_plasmagun 1 weapon_railgun 1 weapon_rocketlauncher 1 weapon_shotgun 2 ammo_bullets 1 ammo_cells 1 ammo_grenades 1 ammo_lightning 1 ammo_rockets 1 ammo_shells 1 item_armor_yellow 1 item_armor_red 9 item_armor_shard 3 item_health 1 item_health_large 1 item_health_mega 9 item_health_small 7 info_player_deathmatch 11 info_null 1 func_button 1 func_door 236 light 3 misc_model 4 target_position 9 target_speaker 4 trigger_teleport Q3MapStat Version 0.3 Copyright (c) 2001 by GomJabbar from kernzerfall.de C r e d i t s giL/MentalX for the music evil lair for some textures ?? for some textures (I forgot where I've get them from :( ) reservoirDog for some sounds [sk-slinger]u for beta testings / item placement Forlani for beta testings / item placement Cyrus for beta testing Tymo for beta testing pq.de editing forum thx for all the help ! D i s t r i b u t i o n / C o p y r i g h t / P e r m i s s i o n s Copyright (c) 2001 -cha0s- (dominic szablewski) **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This map may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, must include this .txt/.html file, and may not be modified in any way. Under no circumstances is this level to be distributed on cd-ROM without prior written permission.
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