revolution 909
by polo
revolution 909 by polo
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#4   14 Jun 2020
I remember this map so well from my old times. I loved it. Superb for strafing and fast players. Plenty of space for combat. Base can be attacked from different fronts.

As Octovus said 18 years ago, this map requires human players, and in large numbers. Bots are terrible.

Sad this would never be enjoyed as many other CTF maps found in Q3 (and QL) servers. Sad I never got to enjoy it either :(

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Tyre unregistered
#3   29 Jan 2002
Also, the bots can't get at the regen - which is why I don't like the placing of it.
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The Loader unregistered
#2   21 Jan 2002
looks like in a ghetto
stylish to the bone
gimme more :)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2002
The best of Threewave....ah, what an oxymoron. Ok I'm not quite serious. And Brad's comparison is very justified. However, Threewave's maps require human players - and in large numbers. Much the same could be said of polo3ctf1; unfortunately, since it's not part of a large scale mod, the likelihood of that many players getting together is rather small.

The map seems to favour defenders a fair amount. If they have their wits about them, a good defense can control almost all of the nice items - the armor, the rocket launcher, the railgun, the regeneration, the megahealth...leaving basically the quad for opposition. By the time you cross the large map any powerups you got from your own base are all but finished. That requires you to have a well coordinated offense, with numbers a fair bit larger than those dedicated to d - not neccessarily a bad thing.

Unfortunately, the bots on the opposing team )this is why I want humans( decided to all but turtle. This map makes that way too easy :-( Any attempts at offense were easily squashed, except for one: Take the upper route, grab the megahealth just before you jump (the bots are too dumb to control it), and then tele back up with the flag. And this worked 99% of the time (when you could get that far into the base). Once again kind of whacked out balance.

However, in the last 5 minutes the bots decided to cooperate. They left a few people on d and mostly went out hunting. I called a few bots to follow me, and many interesting battles ensued (as many as 5 minutes can alot, really). 1/2 of the capping was done in those few minutes. So with agreeable players, it can be lots of fun..but otherwise, good luck.

8 from me.


P.S. Er, the "multiple routes" are true enough, but there's only really two ways into each base without fancy jumping - one up and one below. Another chalk up for the defence.

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