Iron and Stone
Iron and Stone by Jax_Gator
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Shtayga Rep. 30
#37   22 Feb 2020
Playable map on InstaGib Freeze
Edited 1.37 minutes after the original posting.
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PHOB unregistered
#36   22 Mar 2013
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#35   10 Jan 2012
Very well detailed map.
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andora unregistered
#34   01 May 2003
great with 3..
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OzZ-=OCI=- unregistered
#33   21 Nov 2002
Jaxdm8 has been my favorite map since it was released. So, even though a bit late, probably I should add my 2 cents. Besides, the looks of this map (actually my favorite theme -rock on JAX), of course the gameplay is very smooth. Also item and weapon balance is very well managed. Try it with some strafing and rocket jumps on CPMA too, it's a blast.

As I often state, Jax's maps are always fun with either 12 people bashing or 2 doods dueling. Especially this one is a great duel map. The action gets real hardcore. Another must have map.

Thanks Jax!

"L8r!" :)

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#32   13 Feb 2002
LOL, I didn't check for dumb typo's. I can spell... really... I can. :)
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#31   13 Feb 2002
I only dowmloaded this map when i saw it had 30 comments on it as I'm not a fan of Jax's maps (bow to Charon, god of custom maps). That said I really liked this one, haven't played it against humans yet but I liked the layout and the bots play pretty good on this map. I'm keeping it, good map Jax. :)
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.captain. unregistered
#30   28 Jan 2002
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However misguided it may seem. :D

Hey if xfoo doesn't like it, that's fine. I'm sure there are a bunch of maps that xfoo thinks are great, but others don't. Big deal! Frag!

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.captain. unregistered
#29   28 Jan 2002
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However misguided it may seem. :D

Hey if xfoo doesn't like it, that's fine. I'm sure there are a bunch of maps that xfoo thinks are great, but others don't. Big deal! Frag!

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Yarg unregistered
#28   26 Jan 2002
I like the scale, a great change from a smaller map. Original.
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The Hubster unregistered
#27   25 Jan 2002
Once again, xfoo has a habit of echoing my thoughts on maps.

I'm on a parallel on this one.

One thing you people need to realise is that many tourney players look for different things in a map.

I myself like maps like xfoo does - full of areas which can serve as shortcuts to other areas, yet were never intended to do so.

Incase many of you don't know, xfoo has a LOT of experience in beta testing maps, and aiding in level design for competitive maps. I should know - he helped me bigtime:-)

As far as this level goes, it's not bad. It's a keeper, but not one which I can see myself playing too often.

The scale is simply too large. While it's fun in Promode to get some speed, it's more important to get that speed so that it provides a means to complete a task eg, to make a particular jump to reach an item.

This map doesn't seem to offer those type of opportunities.

I think this type of layout would have excelled had it been a little larger than cpm1. Doing so would have introduced a more intensive vertical aspect to the gameplay, and sped up gameplay LOTS.

Jax - this is certainly no failure of a level. Nowhere near it tbh, but, I've seen you do better m8.

Looking fwd to more of your work...

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Taz_FL unregistered
#26   25 Jan 2002
Otovus, I don't think most of the comments were leading towards a big arguement, I think its just the way xfoo stated the comment. theres always going to be negative comments but when its done kinda cocky by someone who probably loaded it up and played some bots instead of playing it numerous (I couldnt begin to tell you how many times this map sees play time at BG) times against humans. The people that have posted here from BG have played this map over and over and know what the flow and action is REALLY like in game. It's just tough to stomach someone basically bashing a map when you know that it plays great.
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Octovus unregistered
#25   25 Jan 2002
You know, if you could all just have respected what xfoo said - respected and paid no attention, he wrote all of three lines that should have been easy to ignore - instead of starting a big argument about how you're RIGHT (a completely pointless statement about q3 maps, mods, and games in general, as they are 99% opinion based) wouldn't both be making urselfs look silly with all these postings :-p


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OpiX^EviL unregistered
#24   25 Jan 2002
i love the map. one of the only maps i can win on so of course its a good one in my book =)
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Rackat unregistered
#23   25 Jan 2002
xfood ~ the invitation to come try this map against humans still stands. You want to see fast? You want to see intense? Come on over and let us show you.

I suggest you "Beta Test" your comments. It seems to be the only thing your good at, because you sure don't know FFA maps.

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Jack*Officer unregistered
#22   24 Jan 2002
Every one of Jax's maps gets better and better and this one proves it again. What I love about his maps, especially his more recent releases, is that their main focus is gameplay. And isn't that what it's all about? Keep 'em coming Jax!!!
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xfoo unregistered
#21   24 Jan 2002
It doesn't matter if it 'conforms' to a CPM mod specification, the fact is the map could be faster and more intesnse if it wasn't so stretched.

Now chaos, I suggest that you start waiting a little while before you make quick posts. You know nothing about me. In fact, if you know anything about me or the amount of experiance and time I've put into beta testing and judging maps you would realize that my resume for improving maps is pretty damn good.

It doesn't need "1000 trick jumps per map". It needs to be tighter. Is it a horrible map right now? Definatly not. Is it a top10? a top 20? Definatly not.

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Blood unregistered
#20   24 Jan 2002
This map owns.

Nuff said.

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#19   24 Jan 2002
"Meh, not bad but not great. It's been stretched, with lots of extra space that isn't needed. It could be reworked to be smaller, tighter and better... but, right now it's one to pass on."

Pass on? WTF?!?!?! So, if it doesnt conform to some tight wad CPM mod specifications for mapping, then it should be passed on? Pffft!

If you like small FFA's or tourneys, you will like this map....unless your an anal retentive CPM l337 d00d who needs the 1000 trick jumps per map criteria in order to consider it a good map.

Bah! Good work Jax.

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P@T La Matrake STN unregistered
#18   24 Jan 2002
sweet map as usual Jax :)
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Cyborg6 unregistered
#17   24 Jan 2002
It's OwnZ! =P
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.captain. unregistered
#16   24 Jan 2002
killer map! exactly what keener the weener cleaner says! :D
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Rackat unregistered
#15   24 Jan 2002
I really wonder if you guys that are dissing this map have played humans on it. It doesn't sound like you have. You should come to the Burial Grounds and let us show you how well this map plays. We're more than happy to give you tips on gameplay. And like Jax said, you're more than welcome to come and help Beta the maps there. Then you might be bale to get maps more to your liking.

I like this map at lot. Long distance Railing, Close in fighting in either atrium, vertical movement without being overdone. Excellent use of Evil Lair's textures. Layout is awesome, no place to really hide (maybe that's why those guys didn't like it). Weapon choice and placement were very good.

Overall: 8.5

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Commander Keen unregistered
#14   24 Jan 2002
JAX's best map so far and I love the textures. Keep it coming bro' :o)

This one managed to bump jaxdm6 as my favorite JAX map, but only cause I'm always having my a55 handed to me on that map. Guess you can't camp the rail after all. ;o)

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hannibal unregistered
#13   23 Jan 2002
Not bad, but I'm with xfoo on this one.
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#12   22 Jan 2002
Thanks for the compliment MJ.

"and you're other one that I keep forgetting the name of. The one with the big star, and the face and stuff."

That'd be jaxdm6 - Kiss of Death.


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Microphone Joe unregistered
#11   22 Jan 2002

just about the best custom map ever. Right up there with Reassimilation by Charon, Disinformation by Bal, and you're other one that I keep forgetting the name of. The one with the big star, and the face and stuff.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#10   22 Jan 2002
Sweet map, Jax.

Nice job. Keep 'em comin.


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*papri-K* unregistered
#9   21 Jan 2002
cool, well I use the map to make cool jumps...don't know how it plays, lol.
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#8   20 Jan 2002
Mog ~ Thanks man. Glad you enjoy it. LOL @ "The Bridge" }:)

wviperw ~ Yeah, I felt the scale ended up being a little large. The thing about quake is that it might look ok from the players "eyes" but if you see another player against the background structure it always looks larger. Still fun though huh?

xfoo ~ Have you had a chance to play it against humans? I'm no pro-player but feel that it plays pretty good against humans. I'd appreciate it if you find the time to drop by <a href="www.burial-grounds...orumdisplay.cgi" target="_blank">www.burial-grounds...orumdisplay.cgi</a> and give me and others feedback on our betas.

Taz ~ Thanks man! Glad you like the map. Don't be so hard on xfoo as he's pretty good when it comes to maps but everyone has their likes and dislikes. You can't please 'em all ya know?

Octovus ~ Thanks for the compliment and the vote.

You say you keep falling? Shouldn't happen after one or two rounds on it. It's a faily simple layout to learn IMO. And it's not a spacemap...hehe

Yeah, I suppose I could have tweaked the aas file a little more, sorry about that.

You'll have to bitch at Evil for the textures' depressing look (sorry Evil }:) ). I liked the look a lot myself and think Evil did an awesome job on this set as he has with his others.

martin ~ Thanks for the comments and the vote.

Like I said, can't please 'em all. Octovus says he kept falling off the ledges and you say you stand on them and pick people off with the RG. Anyway, my next map has a lot more tighter areas. There are a couple of screenies at my website if you care to look - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and you are more than welcome to go to the address I posted in my response to xfoo and give feedback on betas.

As stated above, I liked this texture set I used a lot. And the map was constructed with the lowest spec machine in mind. r_speeds were kept to a minimum.

Violence3k ~ Actually, the skybox I used isn't a skybox at all. It is just the grey standard id sky texture. I wanted to use one that sock was working on at the same time I was working on this map but he didn't release it until after I had already submitted the map to ..::LvL.

Yeah, ..::Lvl is a tad behind but it is understandable, what with Tigger-oN's move and all. They are really starting to crank out the reviews now though.

All ~ Thanks for the comments and feedback and votes. It only helps me to (hopefully) make better maps.


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Violence3k unregistered
#7   20 Jan 2002
I havn't downloaded the map yet, however, from the apparent looks at the screenshots, the textures and its skybox look awesomely great. Notice on Jax's site, that states the map has been already released in November 26, 2001. Well, :LvL is seriously very behind schedule
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martin unregistered
#6   20 Jan 2002
the map is good but not the awesome experience the main review leads you to believe.

i think xfoo was right - if some of the larger areas were scaled down it would improve the gameplay: its too easy to stay at the edges around the top and there's not enough incentive to go down into the main areas where you simply get picked off by a rail. some smaller tighter areas would be good

the textures used are nice - especially the motifs at weapon spawns and the teleporters were good too but the whole thing was a bit too monochrome. not a big deal though.

the geometry was quite blocky but my POS system thanks you for that :)

definitely worth a play but i don't think i'll be backing it up


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Octovus unregistered
#5   20 Jan 2002
xfoo, I agree to some extent but it's still not one to pass on. You can't really say that of any of Gator's maps, unless you don't have the time for custom q3a maps at all.

I still didn't like it that much. Played it when it was released, I think, and it got a bit annoying continuously(sp?) falling off of ledges and being unable to return in splash-based combat. Bots tend to favor the RL and SG a lot, resulting in the annoying situation described above. Despite my tendency to fall down, they hardly ever ventured to the lower levels (with the exception of a lower atrium, and all they did there was grab the weapon and head for the adjacent tele). The teles do look very good, I have to concur on that. As for looks in the level - my PC wasn't complaining, but I found the colours a bit depressing myself. Not that I look to q3 when I need a pick-me-up but still a little dreary for my tastes. Gets a 7 from me; I'd say probably get it, you know that it's worthwhile coming from Gator (just not as good as KOD imo).


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Taz_FL unregistered
#4   19 Jan 2002
Iron and Stone gets played on a regular basis with 10 players at Burial grounds. This map is great especially with 5 or more players. If you hang around the Burial grounds forums you would know that this is one of if not the favorite of most everyone there.

Oh and xfoo,why dont you drop by BG and play this map there with the regular crowd, I think you might change your mind about wasted space.

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xfoo unregistered
#3   19 Jan 2002
Meh, not bad but not great. It's been stretched, with lots of extra space that isn't needed. It could be reworked to be smaller, tighter and better... but, right now it's one to pass on.
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wviperw unregistered
#2   19 Jan 2002
nice map jax. Has a very nice feel to it. The only thing that I dislike about it is that the scale is a bit too large. Seems to be alot of vast open space. Might have been better if you would have compacted it more. Oh well, still very fun to strafe jump around in it (especially CPMA).
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MogWaEE unregistered
#1   19 Jan 2002
And Jax keeps on churning great maps!!! This is one fun ride with looks to go along with it!

Where's the bridge though??? ( Sorry, inside joke :- ) ).

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