Iron and Stone
Iron and Stone by Jax_Gator

A mapper you can rely on to make great maps. This well constructed map has 3 levels with no place to hide. There is always an angle from which you can be seen. Run and frag is the business. Connectivity is good and the weapons choice is ok. The bots play well and use the entire map but they don't go for the armour. The textures of Evil_Lair looked great in this level and the teleport is terrific (thanks to Stecki).

You need this map on your PC.

Reviewed by KINOPIO

Second opinion

Something very original from Jax this time around. Iron and Stone uses only a handful of textures (from HFX) throughout the entire level, nonetheless the map is certainly pleasing to look at. The layout is anything but complex, yet this is one fun map! Composed of two large adjacent multilevel atriums, this spacious map reminds me of DOOM crossed with ..I dunno, something cool. The teleporter model contributed by Stecki is particularly nice. Bots play well; I'd recommend at least 3 players, leaning towards more. ClanArena fans, particularly, shouldn't miss this one.

Very fresh, very clean, very fun. Download it.

Reviewed by Jay

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (51 votes)

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