Team Temple
Team Temple by BerneyBoy
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sks.45 unregistered
#5   02 Jul 2002
A re-worked copy of STVEF HM :-)


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Mr.MoNoPoLy unregistered
#4   26 Dec 2001
hehe, apologies to Kell. Meatboy Dogfood is the one that should have played the level longer b4 reviewing it.
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Mr.MoNoPoLy unregistered
#3   26 Dec 2001
Kell obviously didnt play this map very long cough cough

There are actually 3 battle suits, which make the slime perfectly accceptable. (except in harvester.) There is one inside each base, allowing you to reach the Common Ground (neutral area / whatever u call it) through the tunnels, and there is another battle suit at the centre of the map allowing you to reach the quad which is at the bottom of a slime pit, and then proceed into the heart of the enemy base, staying submerged in slime the entire time. It's a very good concept, and the price you pay for the safety of this route is that by the time u get into the enemy base, you have little (if any) battle suit and quad left. more about the powerups down below.

This map really isnt all that fun, but it's great with the excessive mod! Also, the fact that in the centre of the map every few minutes you can find a quad, battlesuit, haste, and regen/flight/invis, kind of unbalances gameplay (once again, in excessive this isn't as much of an advantage since all the weapons are supercharged, altho one man with a Quad/haste/battlesuit/invis combo is kinda hard to stop. h3h3 ...)

7.8 / 10

Good concepts, not realized as well as they could have been. And the fact that this guy plagiarized one of the iD sample maps that comes with Radiant to make the facades for his bases isnt exactly inspiring either.


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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   23 Dec 2001
Haven´t downloaded the map yet, but wouldn´t it be better if BernyeBoy just replaces the slime with water and re-release the map? :)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2001
Too bad, it sounds like it could be good...but that harvester bug, ouch. I guess he didn't really design it with that in mind. Is there a battlesuit in the level? That might help explain the tunnels.
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