Sudden Death
Sudden Death by MegaMan
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rokscott unregistered
#3   02 Jan 2002
Ok, taken as a level to play against humans I agree with the reveiwer, 6 outa 10.

BUT !.....

If your looking for a map to increase your skills offline, especially in the fields of dodging incoming rockets and general awareness of your position then this is worth a look. The action is very intense and a few hours persevering in this kind of enviroment will definetly improve your skills for lan play. The construction, looks and lighting are all fine.

So a final score of 7 from me.

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Mick unregistered
#2   02 Jan 2002
Oh this is a very fun map. Died loads of times though trying to not use some of them jump pads.
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MegaMan unregistered
#1   30 Dec 2001
lol u noticed that the armors near quad have different respawn times? :P

hmm how long did you look at this map?

btw this map is designed to be fun for a few minutes, not more as every spacemap is

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