The frayed end's of sanity
The frayed end's of sanity by ShadowZombie
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ZIN unregistered
#6   03 Apr 2021
i have a thing for early old school gothic maps. a lot of mapping creativity occurred after the pentium 3 had time to saturate the market giving people a lot more to work with over socket 7 rigs.
Quake III Arena was basically THE thing to do among the 1337. my life in 2001 was fast hondas, quake 3, rave parties and more quake 3.
this is one of those maps that takes me back.
my current install uses only the neural upscale hd textures with the reloaded hud and a font called "coalition", with only a few other visual enhancements to modernize it and running spearmint, so it's purist-based and strictly vanilla.
with that, all the old school textures are upscaled and this map looks
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<:ShadowZombie:> unregistered
#5   30 Oct 2003
well it has been a long time since i've been on here (sorry fello quaker's, and mapper's) i'm in the process of getting back in gear w/ a new system and i have my third map which i started before my old (POS) broke down. i wanted to say thank's for the comment's, and the help from the ppl who have helped me in the past and future to come (you know who you are ppl) and thankx <SuXOr> for the great comment i'm glad you liked it. (i know it's been awhile since i have passed through here. i'll see everyone soon. happy fragging :)
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#4   25 Feb 2002
This is just a personal preference but I'm quite happy to see a map that doesn't have a gun/health etc. in every single room. Played v. nice in duel with both ends of the map needed to secure victory, bots played pretty good too. Teleporters could have been a bit more obvious as I only realized when I saw a bot going through them. Balance was good tho' and hey, you only need to see the tele's once to know they're there :p. Small download too which is always nice. 8 from me 'cause the pace was a little slow for me, still had a lot of fun tho'. I'm keeping it. :)
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<:shadowzombie:> unregistered
#3   26 Nov 2001
ok here once again.sorry for the lack of communication,but i,ve moved,and lost my internet...:( so not like im ignoring any1,but still getting settled in,so hopefully just a little bit longer,and i'll be back in full force.


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<:shadowzombie:> unregistered
#2   17 Nov 2001
thx gonnakillya for the comment,im working on my third one right now,i'll cya l8r...thx again
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#1   13 Nov 2001
I've watched this puppy develop from a while ago and I'm happy the way it turned out.

This map closely resembles many default id maps in look and play.

As the review was aluding to, this map is good for some seriously sneaky players.

Nice job, shadowzombie!

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