The frayed end's of sanity

basic info

mapname -- The frayed end's of sanity
bsp -- mjkq3adm2.bsp
author -- <:shadowzombie:>
other map's -- laff,no plural :) eruption_by mjk
e-mail -- **email removed**
bot/.aas -- yes (optimized .aas)
playing mjkq3adm2.pk3 -- just unzip to your baseq3/load up q3a,go to the skirmish menu select either ffa,tourney,and your ready to go:)


a small/mid-sized map for 2-4 player's
i was really looking for the 1v1 aspect,but since this is my
2nd map,and my 1st one was a box....hehe oh i still jam on it here and there
my technical point's are probably off a little,or alot i don't know,but
i'm growing with the editor,and 1v1 gameplay is the main thing i wanted to
show the most.. if not let me know thx:)

special thank's

and all of you who downloaded my beta map,and didn't leave any comments...
shame on you:)hehe thx every1

run down's on my map

construction -- from scratch
editor -- q3radiant (build 202)
misc program's -- bspc (mr.elusive) q3build (
constrution time -- way too long,man felt like forever....oh sorry hehe,bout 3 to 4 months eeek:)
compile time -- around 45 min's -- thats all stage's together bsp/vis/light
new texture's -- no
new sound's -- no
nothing new ----- no,but im going over the (qase) shader.editor,and learning quickly on it:) maybe my next map will have new shader's,and texture's

legal stuff/copyright

You can not use my level to start as a base to build another
you can distribute my map over the internet,as long as this readme.txt
is with it intact,and un-altered in anyway
quake3arena is a trademark/owned by idsoftware 2001 all right's reserved