Nexus-9 by TwitchFactor
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XBOX D00D unregistered
#2   30 Nov 2001
A prety cool 1-on-1

I like that you have to rocket jump to the poweruops

cant wait to see what this guy would do with 24 hours!

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#1   19 Nov 2001
Hey guys, thanks for putting up the review of the level. This level was done a year ago now, and really did only take 12 hours to build (hell, I could probably do it in 4 now, and better).

I'm glad you liked the visuals, since at the time that's what I was experimenting with (lighting). It's a shame the sample pic doesn't really show off the level.

Well, I'm incredibly busy, but I'll be releasing 2 more levels for the holiday-season (no, not holiday-themed).

Look for them and keep fraggin'.


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