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Vermilion Dream by Goose & Castle
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Tig Rep. 1024
#22   24 Jun 2020
@HelterSkeleton : Yes, I am happy to make corrections for the listed maps. Just hit the "report" option on the Overview page and type something like "missing items". I will do the rest. Thank you!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4686
#21   24 Jun 2020
@Tig OK thanks. extracting from the BSP sounds a lot easier. TBH I have come across quite a lot recently, enough to wonder whether it would be worth it. From memory, only older maps. Would you really be prepared to go to the trouble? I mainly use it to estimate player loads along with map size, and along with global spawn sounds as an indicator for hidden/secret areas (e.g. recently the map sleep, and mr. lake's deftones). If you didn't ever clip the beam on this one, you wouldn't know there was a quad
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Tig Rep. 1024
#20   19 Jun 2020
@HelterSkeleton and @SW12 : Tags Mars and Quake 2 style have been approved.

I have a script that extracts the items and weapons from the BSP. There is no need to added these items manually. For some reason, it failed on this map. That has been corrected now. If you do come across other maps missing these attributes on the Overview, just let me know.

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4686
#19   18 Jun 2020
@KommissarReb (SW12) agreed. I have suggested Mars and Quake2 for approval because I come across mars base, and quake2 looking maps (that aren't remakes) all the time. Also @Tig can we have access to weapon and item categories? I made an inventory of the items while looking around. I'd be happy to add these details whenever I come across a map that is missing them in the overview.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1930
#18   11 Apr 2013
There ought to be a theme called "Extraterrestrial" or "Martian". This map has both aspects!

What I think would make for a great map is a ET planet with a different atmosphere with an outpost on it you fight in. All the Oxygen is in the outpost, and going outside without a Hazard Suit would hurt you. It could be Saturn's moon Titan for anybody interested in executing my idea.

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FragTastic Rep. 1474
#17   10 Jan 2012
Nice Review Plus a very nice map! Great Work 8.5/10.
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Hooyaah Rep. 490
#16   20 Feb 2010
The professional and polished appearance of this map make it a fun place for fragging. The five bots that are loaded make a fast paced and enjoyable gaming experience. The visuals and ambient sounds make the environment compellingly realistic. This is an excellent map.
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PaN61 Rep. 270
#15   26 Jan 2010
The Skybox is just amazing, the layout is excellent and nice use of textures. I like where the Quad is placed. Nice atmosphere.

Really good effort Goose and Castle.


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Knight Cloud unregistered
#14   29 Jun 2003
I like this map
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Goose unregistered
#13   30 Nov 2001
Wow I didn't know this map finally got reviewed. I am glad people like it. I kinda stopped following the public view of this map when it broke 10K downloads on FP. But I am glad it finally got a review here. Again many thanks to Castle for finishing it up.


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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#12   13 Nov 2001
Nice concept. Nice brushwork. Nice atmosphere. Gameplay seemed slow in some areas but nothing too drastic.

Nice effort guys.

I give it an 8.

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Castle unregistered
#11   09 Nov 2001
And yes i do know that badmonkey did this review. Im talking about all the other ones Kell did.
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Castle unregistered
#10   09 Nov 2001
hehe wow

Im glad this map is liked. I still havent got my machines back so I can ICQ Goose to let him know how things went with this map.

There is room to improve the level and all that so keep in mind that the level is open sourced.
You know I never did ask if Goose designed this map using Concept art as a base. Perhaps if he did it would explain a few things.
on another note:

Is it just me or is this Kell guy like the best thing thats happend to LVL? Its almost as if he is raising the bar for map reviews or something.

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wviperw unregistered
#9   06 Nov 2001
get this one just to look around in it. A proffesional effort.
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hannibal unregistered
#8   05 Nov 2001
This theme would be bitchin' backdrop for a CTF level..might need to keep an eye out on the ground coloration tho.
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Octovus unregistered
#7   05 Nov 2001
And the r-speeds are already unhappy :- But if the brushes were cut back on (poor Castle and his wonderful architecture! I'm serious, btw) then I suppose it could get bigger...
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Eeatha unregistered
#6   05 Nov 2001
I remember the initial map, and castle's additions have made it more playable, although there is still something missing in gameplay that I can not quite put a finger on. Perhaps its the overly tight corridors which make grenade spamming so easy.

I would really like to see a more spacious map of this theme.

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ease unregistered
#5   05 Nov 2001
i remember taking a look at this for goose way back when. The quad was hidden in a neat place. Is it still in the map? at anyrate the map is pretty cool for just being differnt than other maps that are coming out that all look the same
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Grudge unregistered
#4   04 Nov 2001
Yeah, it's a nice map. Not very fun against bots though, and because of it's size you'll need to be at least 4 players(preferably 6 IMHO), for it to get really interesting. But if you can round up that many people it's a really great map.

It's been in my collection for a while now. :]

// Grudge

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Octovus unregistered
#3   03 Nov 2001
I played this ages ago too! Oh well, I can still comment :-) I love the theme. It's a very well carried out map and fully deservant of the nice review; certainly one of the better collaborations out there! (Especially when you consider that wasn't the original goal of the duo).

As cavefish said, its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But it's not horrible to your CPU, the bots play ok, and it looks great throughout, so its worth the download for a round or two.

I'd like to give it a 9...but, an 8 from me.


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cavefish unregistered
#2   03 Nov 2001
This map would perfectly suit to Red Faction...the look around the outside area is just nice =)

Gameplay isnĀ“t a killer, but still nice! But the Layout...omfg I LOVE this map!

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Castle unregistered
#1   03 Nov 2001
Cool its a nice Review!

cant wait to tell Goose


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