Power Metal
Power Metal by ALMighty
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ZIN unregistered
#9   03 Apr 2021
what an awesome map. the gameplay is smooth and it looks great with the neural upscale hd textures, which bring all the original q3 texture based maps before all the mods hit the scene, really up to date. this is a fun map. i love the placement of the quad!
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RotaryFist.cz unregistered
#8   24 Feb 2006
this map is perfect. I could play it for ages. The style of it minds single player alot, and it convinced me to download all maps by Almighty, which are very qualite too. Very good work, man! Along with PJW you are my fav mapmaker :)
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4LM05T unregistered
#7   03 Feb 2002
Thanks man :)

My 2nd Q3 map is almost done, that means I can start mapping for Wolf soon! Cool huh :)

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Tunnleram unregistered
#6   02 Feb 2002
Almost, you do some good work :) I like all your maps.
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not entered unregistered
#5   30 Jan 2002
Wow cool! I just downloaded this level searching this site for some old maps... very cool outdoors me thinks, the trees look great!


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wviperw unregistered
#4   06 Nov 2001
I could never get into the gameplay of this one. But I really liked the outdoor theme. Very cool!
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4LM05T unregistered
#3   03 Nov 2001
Thanks for the feedback man, I appriciate it. I know it's quite average in gameplay, and the outdoor area turned out bigger than I had planned. The map could have been tweaked more but I had worked on it for so long that I had gotten to a point where I just wanted to release it asap. I'm not satistfied with some areas of it, but that's normal for me :)

Thank you very much

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Octovus unregistered
#2   03 Nov 2001
I played this ages ago, but it was fun! Some areas were really disused however, with the outdoor bit and those right next to it getting all the attention :- It's an interesting level, departing a bit from ther standard theme, but as far as gameplay goes Power Metal is pretty average (that is to say, average of the maps worth getting - if you averaged all the Q3 maps that are crap into that, you'd have a negative number :-p).

A comment on the review: I have two machines, one high end and one low...I always test maps on the low end and if they don't run there, move to the good one - this way you can tell people how it honestly is, not how it is on your dream machine :-) (Just saying props to you, basically).


P.S. 7 from me.

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4LM05T unregistered
#1   03 Nov 2001
Just wanted to let everyone know that the e-mail address I posted don't work, so if you wanna send me feedback please send to this address: danielalm@spray.se


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