Foreshadows CTF
Foreshadows CTF by Dragonne{TRIAD}
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5822
#21   05 Feb 2021
this is one of the better rebuilds of id base I've seen. yes it is pokey in parts, the accelerator pads are too elongated, and the HOM due to the skybox could have all been fixed (you see that one quite a bit to simply overlook it), but I'm gonna keep this. it's a good size and fun to play on.
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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#20   25 Oct 2001
Use the lava pit... I'm sure the inhabitants won't mind. ;)
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|KT|Graves| unregistered
#19   23 Oct 2001
Finally got a chance to check it out Drag, nice work. One critique though...

wheres the bathroom?

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PinealogiK{Triad} unregistered
#18   23 Oct 2001
Well, Nice work Drag :D


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|KT|Sixpack| unregistered
#17   21 Oct 2001
A good 4 on 4 map, that demands the raw skills of the players rather than the luck of the powerups. Allthough I thought more health is needed, it seems to be a good choice for a scrim. The map is well balanced between offensive and defensive play.

Good work Dragg.

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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#16   20 Oct 2001
It's not infringement. I actually had a discussion with Paul Jacquays of id Software about that issue in the early stages of the map. As long as I didn't use their brushwork, then it was good to go. Of course, I had to trash what I had and start over. I had to get to know Q3DM1 intimately at the brush and texture level before I started my map.

It's all my own work, but not all my own ideas. It's base and outer base area design are HIGHLY influenced by Q3DM1, but that was the intent. I was influenced by Q3DM1 to make the map. I hoped to kept the detail and design 'theme' of q3dm1 accurate, and I think I did to provoke you to make that statement. =)

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PaiN[TTSOM] unregistered
#15   20 Oct 2001
Nice job, beautiful brushwork. I like the hidden things too! Need more health and BFG's! It's a keeper! How did u get ID to let u release it. Definately infringement!
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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#14   20 Oct 2001
Well, I'll be running it in a portal on the Clan {TRIAD} Threewave (not in CCTF mode) server at after we upgrade the server to a Dual PIII 800 w/512mb in the next few days.

So it will be voteable and there will be a server to play it on. =)

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Talyon unregistered
#13   20 Oct 2001
Great little map, lots of fun.

Very well done for a smaller ctf style of game, where u can wield the gauntlet at will. Congrats Drag, once again our the man (:

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Crystal unregistered
#12   20 Oct 2001
I had a "blast" on it! Very cozy! Fast paced.

Bigger is not always better. The larger complicated maps time is wasted looking for weapons and opponents.


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axbaby unregistered
#11   20 Oct 2001
after playing this map for 30 minutes i'm impressed by the lack of visual glitches . this map is by far one of the best constructed maps i've seen the community produce in a long time.the use of texturing is extremely well done and my only gripe is the size and shape of the ramps . the map plays well and while i only played bots it would be a hoot playing online with real life folk . good job
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hannibal unregistered
#10   19 Oct 2001
LOL@ Rectified! Tee hee. never noticed that before
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Fuubar[TTSOM] unregistered
#9   19 Oct 2001
Very nice map. Gauntlet potential is always a good thing. I can see HEAVY carnage with a good size crowd., Thks for using TTSOM red Drag :)
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Borgdow[TTSOM] unregistered
#8   19 Oct 2001
I thought the gameflow was fine.There is plenty of open area to romp in,plus some tight areas for the 1 on 1 brawl. A good combination IMHO.
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Rectified unregistered
#7   19 Oct 2001
I'm just wondering if hannibal knows he has "FAG" in his id#.
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hannibal unregistered
#6   19 Oct 2001
I remember sneaking this off the queue a while ago (great feature Tig!). At first I thought...too small, too cramped, etc. But actually it is a fun romp, the more I played it, the more I liked it. A nice break from big-ass 'serious' levels. There is a niche for this kind of map, and it is perfect for that. :)
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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#5   19 Oct 2001
Thanks guys, especially Tig. Nice to hear that players like it, even though it's not #1 on the reviewer's list.

TPRS is biased tho, he likes all my maps. ;)

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tprs {triad} unregistered
#4   19 Oct 2001
Not to knock the reviewer, but the gameflow in this map rocks. If you consider what the original state of this map was, (with all it's faults) then you would have a better idea of just how good this map has become. Personally I like some coridors that are not huge, it adds flavor, and makes use of the gauntlet or grenades/pinaples much more fun. Thumbs up Dragonne, keep up the good work. :-))
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Jondis unregistered
#3   19 Oct 2001
Yah, I don't feel the gameplay is all that restricted. I quite like it! :) Good to see DM style maps makeing the crossover to CTF. Keep up the good work Dragonne!

I understand you are working on some maps for the Urban Terror Mod.......can hardly wait!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   19 Oct 2001
I really enjoyed the games I've played on this level
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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#1   19 Oct 2001
Well, it's been in the map queue forever, but I'm glad it's finally reviewed.

I just really liked Q3DM1, but I play more CTF, so I made this conversion.

I don't think the gameflow is all that restricted, so please give it a download and look through it if you like the looks of Q3DM1. Though it's over 300% larger. =)

To anyone who downloads it, enjoy! =)

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