Foreshadows CTF
** Basic Info **

Title : "Foreshadows CTF"
Filename : trictf1.bsp
Author : Michael Conger (Dragonne{TRIAD})
Thanks To : Clan {TRIAD} ( for play testing and id Software for
making Q3DM1 which heavily influenced the map.
Special Thanks To : id Software for creating Quake III of course
Author's E-mail : **email removed**

Thanks For Content : Ronin{TRIAD} (**email removed**) for the new base statues
and the cat mapobjects (me-F**KING-ow! =) ).
To my cat, Puddin, who posed for the pictures Ronin needed
to make the cat mapobject, forever immortalized in Q3A. =)
Oak from Oak's Shiro (
for the 3skullslight and the flameholder mapobjects.
Gollum from Oak's Shiro (
for the Skeleton Pack 1 mapobjects.

** Play Information **

Deathmatch : No
Team DM : No
Capture the Flag : Yes (6-10 players)
Bots? : Yes (see below)
Gameplay : Even though the Q3DM1 influence is readily apparent(I think),
the gameplay is not even close, in a DM vs CTF sense anyway.
First, it's over twice the size of Q3DM1. Second, there is a
vertical element that Q3DM1 didn't have with the additional
upper base exit hallways and the basements. It's still quite fast,
the fastest flag-to-flag run I've seen is 13 seconds without
interference(like that ever happens in a REAL game), but the base
defense isn't too hard. It's an easy map to learn, and a fun map
to play that isn't overpopulated with powerups and weapons. =)

** Construction **

Editors Used : GTKRadiant 1.1 TA-Beta and GTKRadiant 1.1 TA, Paint Shop Pro v6, Q3Build
Computer Used : PIII 700, 192mb RAM, GEForce2 GTS 32mb, 30gig HD, Win98SE
Build Time : 6 months on and off, about 220 hours I guess?
Compile Time : Final compile: 1 hour, 18 minutes.
Known Bugs : There are no technical map flaws.
The bots go everywhere and get everything, (except the regens
which I can't help due to the location of them) they prefer the
basement route when traversing from flag to flag. I did work on
fixing this situation, and it's not a serious problem anymore.

Author's Notes : Originally I was going to take Q3DM1, copy and rotate it,
and put in flags. Then I talked to PaulJ from id about it
and he mentioned that id would probably squash it because
it would infringe on their copyright. That was understandable.
He did say that I could use the same layout. So, I took
measurements from the floor brushes from Q3DM1 and build it up
from there manually. I did want to keep the Q3DM1 flavor, so I
borrowed a few detail techniques from the original and used the
same torch models. The final map is 100% original brushwork, but
has heavy Q3DM1 influence. It's a really fun map!!!


** Installation **

To play this level, extract the file "trictf1.pk3" into
your \baseq3 directory of Quake III Arena. Then select
Foreshadows CTF under the capture the flag levels.


** Copyright and Permissions **

This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet,
BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the
name trictf1.pk3 and is supplied in a zip file called
that also contains this text document and no other files.