Foreshadows CTF
Foreshadows CTF by Dragonne{TRIAD}

A medium sized, easy to learn CTF map with standard Gothic textures and architecture. The ground floor layout is basically Q3DM1 turned into a CTF level with the addition of upper and lower passages to give it a more three-dimensional feel. With overall good brush work and well placed vis-blocking walls, the r_speeds are excellent averaging around 5000 in most views making it quick and playable on most systems. Unfortunately, the gameflow pays a price for this as the level is somewhat compartmentalized and cramped with lots of tight corridors which distracts gameplay. Weapon and item choice/placement is good overall except the location of the rocket launcher and Rail Gun which could have been better thought out. Bots play fine.

Worth a download but probably not a keeper due to it's restricted gameflow.

Reviewed by PeaceFrog

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (33 votes)

Download: Foreshadows CTF by Dragonne{TRIAD}