The Guns Of Navarone
The Guns Of Navarone by Quint
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Miss The old Days unregistered
#21   07 Jun 2024
I put so many hours on this map back in the days when Q3TA was da ish. Rail all day baby
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Colton Rep. 359
#20   02 May 2016
This is a really good map just looking at it through the screenshot :)
Completely top notch. 9/10 for me.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#19   25 Jul 2012
Excellent map Quint! I'm really impressed by this map since it reaches my standards. 8.5/10
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g0r unregistered
#18   13 Sep 2004
do0d i downloaded this pk3 originally through some site that didnt allowme to vote butnow that i can vote i must say that this map should have been packaged directly with q3a...its like you should be payed for this or something? Fucking good job!
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Mayhem aka Darth Ominus unregistered
#17   07 Mar 2002
This map exploits the high level graphics of Quake 3. The textures and lighting combine in a unique fashion that make the character models look magnificent. Record a demo while spectating and see what I mean.
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quint unregistered
#16   07 Nov 2001
Thanks Lyta_79! Could you explain me what Docktor's botstudio is? I'm interested in!
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Lyta_79 unregistered
#15   06 Nov 2001
Top Drawer! I like the "guns"! About bots & this map...I just got Docktor's botstudio and I made a bot that love this map! When using a user created map, if you want good bot play, roll your own bots. Asdie form singe player exp. bots can be used to hold a server open balance teams etc..
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quint unregistered
#14   26 Oct 2001
Thanks Whisk,

nice to meet you here ;)

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Whiskey 7 unregistered
#13   26 Oct 2001
Yes cool map, then all of those from quint are :)

top work - Well worth your time and download. (9)

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quint unregistered
#12   23 Oct 2001
Thanks jax, I'm honoured to hear those words from such a talented mapper!
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#11   23 Oct 2001
Another "work of art" from quint! Even though I am not a big fan of space maps, quint seems to make it so that it almost feels like you are not on a space map. Good job, nice brushwork quint.


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quint unregistered
#10   23 Oct 2001
Thanks Ele, I like to fall as well, but I prefer to watch the other folling ;)!
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Eleonora unregistered
#9   23 Oct 2001
Yeah, I like this map!

I'm still try to understand what kind of ingenious mind can create all those traps (cool anyway). Although my scores are always under 0, I get fun falling down....

Quint you're a GIANT (heheheh)

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Octovus unregistered
#8   21 Oct 2001
Oh dear! That's got to be the first time someone gave 0 to their own map! :-000000

Well, anyways, I gave it a 9 - just because the score was sitting at 10 after 3 votes and I thought it was a bit much. I dunno if I've ever given a ten to a map...prolly once or twice. But then I hardly ever give less than 7 either, since I don't download those that get bad reviews (not enough time). Like anyone cares, eh?


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quint unregistered
#7   21 Oct 2001
Thanks again guys!

What a stupid man I am... after 4 votes I had a score of 9.75, so I pushed "your score" thinking that it pointed to the list of votes... then I discovered that I gave 0 to my map, and now it's 7,8 after 5 votes... stupid, stupid and... stupid :)

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Octovus unregistered
#6   21 Oct 2001
The bots are certainly better than some space maps...they just don't understand the traps, of course (though they seem to like firing the rocket trap!) They're not that bad, but it is definitely worth taking on the road with people.
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The Loader unregistered
#5   20 Oct 2001
a real floater indeed...

let´s keep flying quint

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quint unregistered
#4   19 Oct 2001
Thanks Mikey, GuitarMan, Octovus

for encouragemets! And thaks to BadMonkey for have reviewed it! Guys, do you really thinks bot are so bad? Some authorevol reviewer wrote "good bots" in the positive things of this map. The only thing I noticed with bots is that they seem to not go for the rail... but they go in every place of the map (olso the guns). Ok... I was just wandering this thing. Thanks for the good review... first time on lvl... wow!

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Mikey unregistered
#3   19 Oct 2001
Great job Quint!!
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GuitarMan unregistered
#2   19 Oct 2001
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Octovus unregistered
#1   19 Oct 2001
Very cool map. But then, all of his are :-)
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