KommissarReb (SW12)Rep. 1477
KommissarReb (SW12)  
22 Jun 2019, 21:45 AEST
@Tig: I like this feature. Thank you!
leileiRep. 248
23 Jun 2019, 06:10 AEST
eh, if you really want transparency, I just hit the downvote whenever I see Fragtastic because of the blatant fraud since the "reputation" system still makes him look good on this site... :|
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gooballRep. 618
23 Jun 2019, 07:39 AEST
Very good point. Though I think the majority of his "reputation" was gained before he posted the stolen map. I'm also pretty sure his bio is 100% lies, as I can't find anything related to those claims.
KommissarReb (SW12)Rep. 1477
KommissarReb (SW12)  
30 days ago
If he really wanted to steal a map, why would he choose a map that could easily be found elsewhere? My first map may not be incredible by today's standards, but I can prove that it is 100% my own work that began with a sketch that I drew before I learned how to use GTK Radiant.
I noticed FragTastic hasn't posted since 2016. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if he's read that we eventually caught on to what he did.
Even now after everything that has happened between me and everyone I've disagreed with on this site in the past 7 years, I still stand by everything that I said.
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gooballRep. 618
30 days ago
On a different subject, I also wouldn't mind a "map favoriting" system. What Tig described seems great to me:
Quote: Re: Favourites - Would an extension of the bookmarks be suitable? For example, adding the options to mark as a private, favourite, add notes, played, will play and then the option to filter based on these flags be suitable?
HelterSkeletonRep. 1605
26 days ago
@Tig ultimately I am happy with what is the least amount of work and the easiest to implement regarding favouriting and also consistent with the site design. I think a favourites similar to the bookmark that could be filtered as a search would be fine and sensible. i don't really care about the vote privacy as much especially if other members aren't that interested (it's more just the personal embarrassment of seeing myself there). the notes would be nice but aren't essential. i could still get most of the information i needed from the map page. at the time i wrote that i didn't realise weapons and items were listed in the overview tab. plyed/will play seems sensible for the bookmarks but i think you really only need one or the other. for example: if you've favourited a map then it has been played and if you didn;t like it you delete it off the bookmarks. then bookmarks would only be maps you haven't played on. but i don't really know how other people use the bookmarks to know if that would work. perhaps they could be flags??? having a played flag on its own wouldn't work because i would still end up with favourite maps and not-so-favourite maps in the same list but i'm not sure if having both would give people more options or just be overkill.
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