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Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1662
#1   05 Jan 2011
Here we have the long waited ..::LvL Forum!

Please post bug reports, issues and feature request in this thread.

The current todo list consists of:

  • DONE Link forum comments to the members personal page.
  • Add more than: Quote, Bold and Italics support. (Thinking about: Image/screenshot, Map and Author which will be links to ..::LvL listed data)
+ DONE Make the forums work from the mobile version (read only, no adding of posts however)
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Incognito Rep. 156
#2   06 Jan 2011
Champagne is flowing....:)
GuitarMan Rep. 468
#3   06 Jan 2011
Good to see the new forum is up and running! :)

I've got this weird issue.
I log in to the site (as last night I cleared my browser's cache and cookies and history and all that - btw I'm on Firefox 3.6) as GuitarMan, but when I go to "My details" (on the site's upper bar, "Site / My details" and also on the forum's "My details" link) it takes me to some other guy's profile, named "ZEphYR". Not much to worry about, because it's just his profile and there's no "Edit my details" link there, so memberships are not actually messed up.

Then, if I go to the forum index ( I show up there under my actual member name as GuitarMan in the recent forum users list, and if click on my name there I go to my own profile as usual and can edit my details and see my comments and reviews.

Up to yesterday everything was working fine, I could go to my profile through the upper bar as usual. I tried logging out and logging back in but it's still the same weird issue.
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Tig Rep. 1662
#4   06 Jan 2011
@GuitarMan: I'll try to replicate the issue later and see what is going on. Thanks for reporting it.
PaN61 Rep. 385
#5   06 Jan 2011
Extraordinary work that you have done on ..::LvL including the ..::LvL Forum Tigger-oN.

I also have the same issue as GuitarMan.
I log in to ..::LvL as normal (I'm also on Firefox 3.6) and I go to the ..::LvL Forum and whenever I click on "My Details" underneath the ..::LvL Bar (Top of Page) I get sent to "Tigger-oN's" member profile, this also happens when I click on "My Details" under Site -> My Details but like GuitarMan explained above (2nd Post), Memberships aren't edited because there's no "Edit My Details" link and it's just the Profile of that member.

Then when I click on my Member Name (PaN61) in the "Recent Forum Users" (On the bottom of the ..::LvL's "Forum Index" - and under Site -> Members -> PaN61 I go to my Member Profile Where you can see your comments, votes and published reviews and edit your details.

Before the ..::LvL Forum appeared on ..::LvL or in other words, Yesterday, everything was working how it should be working.

I hope that you can fix this issue Tigger-oN.

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Tig Rep. 1662
#6   06 Jan 2011
Thanks guys! The bug has been replicated and fixed. The 'My Details' link should work as expected now.
GuitarMan Rep. 468
#7   06 Jan 2011
YEAH! Everything is working fine again. Thank you very much, Tig. :)
PaN61 Rep. 385
#8   06 Jan 2011
Thank you very much Tigger-oN for fixing this issue, everything is working like it should and like before.


themuffinator Rep. 1044
#9   06 Jan 2011
Great work Tig :) It's incredible how much you've done for the site over the years and ask for nothing in return. Keep up the great work!
cityy Rep. 373
#10   07 Jan 2011
Really nice work Tig, thanks. Looking forward to see the forum expand.

Edit: Good you linked other Forums aswell. Oh and I love the most recent post preview on thread hover.
Also: Will there be sub forums like General Discussion, Tech Talk, ..::LvL discussion, beta section etc?
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headrot Rep. 168
#11   08 Jan 2011
@..::LvL forum
Is the hubster here? : )
Cheetah Rep. 12
#12   08 Jan 2011
Congrats on the forum!
LvL is probably my favourite Quake 3 site, and one of the few still actively going...
Hipshot Rep. 256
#13   28 Mar 2011
This is great.
Anonymous Rep. 141
#14   13 Apr 2011
Certainly, thanks tig!
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#15   05 Jun 2011
Cool! Thanks for the help too! Man, being a member there are so many possibilities!
PaN61 Rep. 385
#16   17 Jun 2011
I found two bugs (At least I think they are bugs) while browsing the ..::LvL forum.

The first bug seems to be that when you open up the ..::LvL forum in a new tab (The URL is the same but sends you to another, similar forum:, there seems to be only two threads that keep on replicating and the thread URL's don't work (The threads just load a white page, with no source code and have the URL: The threads also appear to be in a different language (I'm guessing that it's Spanish or Mexican), they are all posted by Tigger-oN (I think this is a bug) and have no thread hover features and/or any ..::LvL forum features (From this ..::LvL forum).

The second bug is less minor, when I scroll down to the last thread and hover over it then take it away from the hover feature, the hover feature still stays where it was and doesn't disappear but you can still hover over the other threads like normal.

I don't know if these bugs are being caused by the programming languages code that is used, if it's the web-host or web-server is causing this or if the bugs are caused at my end.

I hope you can fix these two bugs that I have come upon Tigger-oN.


Tig Rep. 1662
#17   19 Jun 2011
Wow, these are old bugs and I'm really surprised I missed these. thanks heaps!!

The issues have been fixed. Let me know if you find more :]
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#18   01 Jul 2011
I have a suggestion for writing reviews.

How about allowing reviewers to use Bold and Italics?

Now in some older reviews, I see that in them. I apparently cannot do that. Help would be appreciated.

PaN61 Rep. 385
#19   01 Jul 2011
SW12, They have the Bold and Italic support probably because the reviewers used programming language code to manipulate the normal text (HTML code to be more specific). If you wish to have bold and italics in your review, then you have to know the code for it, I'm sure that Tigger-oN will add bold and italic support when he has time to produce the code for it to make non-coding people/people who don't know programming code more easier to produce a review.


Tig Rep. 1662
#20   03 Jul 2011
Sorry guys, missed SW12's comment until now.

You can have bold, italics, lists, tables ... what every you want in the review, just need to let me know somehow if you don't know the HTML code for it.

For example, say you want a list of features, do this:
Some cool features of the map are:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
And the rest of the map needs heaps of work :]

Or, for something in bold, just wrap it in something like [BOLD TEXT]make this bold[END BOLD]. Same for a web site address, [link: website address]this here is a link[end link].

Basically, yes, you can have HTML, just let me know somehow what you want and I'll do the rest.

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