PK3 structure
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Making a pk3 - Its kind of an easy thing to do, but there are a few things
that really need to be done right.

Make a zip file called <mapname>.zip with the following directory structure;

your map file

your map's bot file

your map display shot

a custom texture

another custom texture

makes your level turn up in the menu

a custom shader for your map

some info about your map

Once you have made the .zip file you need to rename the <mapname>.zip to

If you use Microsoft Windows, you may need to enable file extension. You
can do it as a folder option from the Windows Explorer menu. Then place
the .pk3 file into a zip file with a copy of the readme.txt file.
Placing it in a .zip makes for easy download as some servers/browsers
mis-read .pk3 as text (because of MIME settings).

Thats about all there is to it.