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*** This maps is designed for FFA, Quake 3 ARENA*** ================================================================ Title : toxicmetal File name : "toxicmetal" Author : PlayerName : Scorn/or/Unknown (real name : Samuel De Cruz) Email Address : **email removed** Description : FFA ================================================================ * Play Information * Single Player : Yes Cooperative : Yes Deathmatch : Yes Bots : Yes ================================================================= * Construction * Editor(s) used : GTK 1.6 New Textures : Yes New Model(s) : No New Sounds : No New Music: : No Known Bugs : Hope nahhh Build Time : Bout 16 hours ================================================================= *Details* This map will take you into a industrial environment where uranium is used to kill virus. ground area is toxic so be aware of toxic hazards... Try to reach the center of the map to get the quad damage. You can also move around the map while being on a storage train. ================================================================= I am a futurist artist, you can see all my 3D work (100% free, no ads) here : (robots,mutants,bases, spacecrafts,vehicular...) www.flickr.c...163973@N03/albums