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PLOKEMEDOY - Quake 3 Arena map - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE: PLOKEMEDOY - by JonnYReds - Author: Rino --- Franciacorta --- Italy email: **email removed** - sites.google...ite/jonnyredsmaps EDITOR USED: Q3Radiant_200, Paint shop pro, Editpad, Pakscape NEW TEXTURES OR SHADERS: yes GAME TYPE: ffa_tourney_team FILENAME: plokemedoy.pk3 RELEASE: 2006 WEAPONS AND POWER-UP: Shotgun - Plasmagun - Rocketlauncher - Body Armor Combat Armor - Quad / Regen holdable teleporter BOTS: Xaero - Orbb PLOKEMEDOY I did some new textures, some modified and other derived from Colvms shaders, like the Jump_Pads. The place have rocky stones, plants and pebbles, there are small tunnels. Some Jump_Pads launch to the bridge with chains suspended, where it appears the Quad Damage, everywhere fog on the ground. INSTRUCTIONS: Unpack the file, you will find a PK3 file, put it in baseq3 directory. to start game go to the skirmish menu maps, choose the map. Have Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORIA: La plokemedoy l'ho fatta con alcune textures nuove, altre riviste ed alcuni shaders derivati dalla Colvms, come i Jump_Pads. Lo scenario roccioso, pietre e sassi la fan da padrone passaggi angusti in mura e rocce sbrecciate e nebbia bassa, un ponte di catene attraversa la parte superiore dove appare il Quad Damage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This map and artwork are my personal works, realized for fun and passion, and are available for free for players that love this great Classic game Quake 3 Arena! Only on required written I can consent you to make modifications to my maps. You are not allowed to commercially exploit this maps and mods for profit in any way, including on a cd rom or any other medium that. You may distribute this through Internet, provided you include the .txt file included in each my map, leave the archive intact, and do not charge a fee for access to this files. Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software, are the authors and trademarks of their respective owner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------