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November 03, 2018 ===================================================================================================== Title : The Vomitorium (v2) Description : remake of Quake deathmatch level "ztndm6" by Sten 'ZTN' Uusvali Filename : obs3dm3v2.bsp Author : Obydenniy 'Obsessed' Konstantin E-mail : **email removed** ===================================================================================================== * Play Information * Designed for : Tourney, FFA (up to 4, imho) Bots : Yes New graphics : Yes New sounds : No (standard q3 and q2 sounds) Powerups : Quad I like this map very much and (as for me) it would really work in any Quake. My initial version (Jul, 2009) was very bright and oversaturated, so I wanted to turn the lights down a bit. * Credits * ID Software, www.textures.com, Hipshot for his incredible 'moats'. * Programs * Q3 Radiant build 202, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad. --------------------------------------------- ..::LvL Patch file for obs3dm3v2 --------------------------------------------- The original obs3dm3v2.pk3 had an incomplete .arena file and was missing a few sound files. This patch file corrects those issue and will allow the level to be selected from the skirmish menu. Place z_obs3dm3v2.pk3 (the patch) in your baseq3 directory along with the original file. Patch was created by Tig lvlworld.com/