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Title : The Edge 2004 CPM Remix
Date : 25th February 2004

Author : Rich "swelt" Jacques

Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : Remake of Q2DM1 for Q3/CPMA

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- Play Information -
: Make sure you have Quake III point release 1.31 or later.
: Extract map_nodm10.pk3 from the zip into quake3/baseq3 folder.
: Find or start a dedicated server running the map
: or play vs bots /map nodm10

- Level Information -
Game type : 1v1, ffa, tdm, ca
Single Player : Yes
Player load : 1v1, 2 - 8
Weapons : 2xSG, GL, 2xRL, PG, LG, Rail
Stuff : 2xYA, MH

- Construction -
Editors used : GTKRadiant
Utilities used : Q3Map2, Editpad

- Notes -

Q2DM1 is an all time classic. There are many remakes for many games,
but I felt that the world could do with just one more :)

NODM10 is a straight remake. Scale, the eternal enemy of the remake, is
optimised for smaller CPM matches: 1v1, 2v2 is likely to be ideal. That
said, I've played at least one fun 4v4 tdm on it. A quick word on the
'chaingun corner': You'll notice that I've added a chain mesh. I really
didn't want to do this, but without it there is a really simple way to
trickjump out of that dead end without having to come around the corner.
This was a critical point of the map in Q2 and to lose that dead end trap
altogether was not acceptable. I tried many different options, and this
was the best that I (or anyone I asked) could come up with.

NOCA1 is an altered version, optimised for clan arena (hiding places removed)
but also with a high octane FFA item loadout (including a Quad). Good
for a blast!

- Credits -
: id Software for Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, the original Q2DM1
: Lunaran for his texture sets (MKOxide + lun3dm4)
: Than for his industrial textures
: Any other texture artists that have had their work jumbled up (oops!)
: Everyone who has given me feedback
: Everyone who has played this level, cheers!

- Links -

CPMA Homepage

- Copyright / Permissions -
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of
commercial product without permission from the author. You may
not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means,
including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author.