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The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended
Game : Quake 3 Arena
Map Title : The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended
Map Filenames : 13death_xt.bsp
Relase Date : 25. July 2023

Author : Stefan Scholz "sst13"
e-Mail : **email removed**
Author Homepage :

Description : extended CTF version of q3dm4 "The Place Of Many Deaths"

Player : 6-10
Gametypes : CTF, FFA*, TDM*
Botsupport : Yes

New Textures : Yes, modified original textures
New Shaders : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Models : Yes, modified original models

Editors used : Q3Radiant v2.02 , Q3Map Explorer, q3map2 v2.5.17, q3ASE v1.5.3, NPhernos MD3 Compiler, Milkshape 3D v1.7.8
Compile Machine : Intel core i5 with 8GB RAM
Compile Time : 3min

Credits : id Software, Q3W Editing Forum"