Stronghold Opposition for Q3A
Stronghold Opposition for Q3A by SithLord

A faithful conversion of the popular Q2 CTF map, Stronghold Opposition. The brushwork is generally solid, although there are a few curve errors which could have been fixed. Other than this, the map is visually clean but nothing special. Greater texture variety in places, most notable the Rail Gun room, would have helped it to stand out. The layout is almost identical to the original except for a few minor tweaks. The changes generally work well, although the red armour would have been better in the bottom yellow armour position.

The gameplay suffers from the lack of a grappling hook, meaning that two of the attack routes are effectively ruled out. Giving the players a grappling hook at spawn would have made this map significantly more intense. Another minor problem is the lack of clipping around some of the lights. Bots really struggle, as they mostly ignore the water pipe and Rail Gun room, so find some human opposition if possible.

Worth a look but the original plays better.

Reviewed by Juz

Note: This is an updated version of a previous release of the same map and a Quake 3: Team Arena version.