Q3NGI Arena2
Q3NGI Arena2 by Kit Carson

A brooding keep forming dark sillouettes against the sky. The map is excellent for DM and Team games of 4 to 10 players with a well developed theme and good game flow. Items are well located without going overboard. The custom wall features look great (who are the paintings by?) and add to the levels atmosphere. The lights have been well placed to provide interesting shadows, although some areas are a little too dark. R_speeds get a little high in the more open areas. One little nit-pick would have to be the mirror wall, it seems out of place. Bots play fine.

A really nice, well balanced map. (The original release had a damaged .shader, this version is 1.27 friendly)

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (37 votes)

Download: Q3NGI Arena2 by Kit Carson