Q3NGI Arena2
Q3NGI Arena2 by Kit Carson
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Hooyaah Rep. 559
#18   21 Feb 2010
The Frazetta paintings on the walls in one of the hallways really accentuate the style of this map. There is a trigger to get the MH, although the bots do tend to congregate in this area, I never noticed them work the trigger in order to obtain it. They do, however try pushing their way in and head directly to the area surrounding the mega health from spawn points, rarely straying far from its keep. It is a shame that there is a flaw like this but otherwise the level gets highest marks. Lots of detail and atmosphere. Playing against human opponents most anyone will find little not to like.
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mean unregistered
#17   04 Jan 2005
This is my all time favorite map by Kit Carson. I always include it in my LAN map rotation and I frequently load it up to brawl some bots. Great atmosphere, excellent flow to the game play and well thought out weapon placements are all present here. If you grab any of Kit Carson's maps I'd suggest you get this one first. It's a keeper for sure.
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JonnyIndica unregistered
#16   07 Aug 2001
HUGE map !! I love the mirrored cross set in masonry, nice touch. The dark corners set the MOOD. EVIL. Must load up with 7+ players or you may be bored.
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Kit Carson unregistered
#15   13 May 2001
i used all the tricks...why the bots are so stupids?
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Thanatos unregistered
#14   02 Apr 2001
I sometimes play this while running the Corkscrew mod. This seems to stop the bots from congregating in front of the MH (since it's removed under Corkscrew).

It plays really well under Corkscrew! The wide open spaces and long hallways seem custom made for RG-only battles. And Corkscrew's coloured railtrails really light up the map.

Sorry, this is turning into more of a "praise Corkscrew" fest.

Anyway, great map, just a pity it doesn't play as well on SP DM.

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Plazter unregistered
#13   06 Feb 2001
this map(1.27 friendly) beats q3dm6, great map man!!!
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FoxHart unregistered
#12   06 Feb 2001
A grate map kit! I like the big open feeling to it and vertical action. There are not very many open feeling maps that are also multi-level.the bots are a real problem though. just like in the other map.they try to go though the close door again and again to get the item. our sever and LAN is often low traffic so we need bots for big maps.

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Mear|in unregistered
#11   19 Jan 2001
Didn't get to play this the first time I downloaded it due to the shader being unfriendly to 1.27. But NGI Arena 1 was awsome so I have so doubt this one will be as well.. Kit, don't stop!
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Tex Willer unregistered
#10   06 Jan 2001
Very good teamplay.
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drainzero unregistered
#9   05 Jan 2001
8 for map quality

8 for "net playabilty"

0 for bot file

they congregate in front of the MH and nowhere else

Did anyone else notice this?

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Kit Carson unregistered
#8   05 Jan 2001
Sure:) grid is not a prob....
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#1 unregistered
#7   05 Jan 2001
Same map every time. Only bigger. And the grid doesn't seem a prob for Kit.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   03 Jan 2001
Unless this has some killer flaw that I've missed so far, it's undeniably one of the best three or four user-made big team DM maps. Good job.

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Edisons unregistered
#5   03 Jan 2001
Good gameplay.....yes good map!

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Lord NeCro unregistered
#4   02 Jan 2001
totally roks....the art is awesome and it is totally killer running through the place fraggin
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PPPlayer unregistered
#3   02 Jan 2001
Very very good!
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Powertank unregistered
#2   01 Jan 2001
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Heres unregistered
#1   01 Jan 2001
This is better than q3ngiarena1!!!

It is one of the best maps that i have ever played!!

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