An Iteration of Hell
An Iteration of Hell by Hal9000

A nice big CTF level, beautifully constructed with a great layout that rewards good team play. Hal9000 has done a fabulous job in getting the r_speeds down as low as possible, though low end set-ups will still notice a bite in the frame rate especially once a few people jump in.

The Flag rooms are solid with more than one way in, but still allow good Flag defence. The common ground is very large and open with alternating power-ups right in the middle. Base texturing is subtle and its easy to see which base you are in. Bot play is supported, but human opponents are highly recommend.

A great CTF level.

Update - Hal9000 has re-released this level with a fix for FASTSKY users and improved the bot file - see the readme for more details. (26th Aug, 2000)

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (80 votes)

Download: An Iteration of Hell by Hal9000