Tube Wars
Tube Wars by notime

Four simple Gothic CTF maps in one pack; all with good texturing and architecture. The smallest map is kind of strange; having 4 flags makes for some small confusion. There are also a lot of power-ups on this level. The next size up is kind of cool, but the common ground is just a single corridor. The third map has an annoying layout - it is very easy to defend the base with sniper points and only one way in and out. The final map is the largest, and also the best, even if it does have a beds in it :] The layout makes the most sense and the gameplay is pretty good. Bot play CTF is as good as can be expected.

Four map of various size with biggest being best in this case. (requires Threewave CTF pack for some textures - grab the textures only here)

Ranked: 2.2 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Tube Wars by notime