Tube Wars
Tube Wars by notime
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I_like_quake unregistered
#5   19 Oct 2010
I enjoyed playing all these maps though it did get old rather quickly especially on the "smaller" map. The "smallst" with excessive plus can be a blast though.
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slight unregistered
#4   30 Oct 2000
If you're not afraid of trying something different, then the largest and smallest of these 4 maps are just great.

Two flags each means the smallest map works for 1-vs-1 CTF.

In the large map, the barracks area changes the gameplay by respawning you a few seconds out of the action - but with a choice 3 areas to come back to. Great for 6 players.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#3   31 Jul 2000


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MEet-CEes unregistered
#2   30 Jul 2000
i would tell you not to ddl this

the bots suck. when you spawn in the one map near the beds all the bots go one route.

you can camp the regenerationWater. plus theres its 8mbs.

if the bot play was half decent then it woulda been ok.

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Loggitt unregistered
#1   29 Jul 2000
Sorry, I feel the biggest map is the worst of the four. What purpose is the barracks area other than to add confusion?? The third one is okay, but needs lots of players. I like the 'secret' area behind the team flags (not the capture flags). The second one has the best play despite the narrow corridor common ground. Those that love frantic play will enjoy the first one. I know I did... for awhile :)
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