Pure and Simple
Pure and Simple by Goose
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#12   24 Jan 2012
Yup it is simple!
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azuo! odnqeq unregistered
#11   18 Dec 2000
This level has incredible flow. Transitions from the corridors to the courtyard area are seamless. Very fast gameplay with 2, 3, or 4 players. To sum up, this map is the Shiznit!
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Weezer unregistered
#10   14 Aug 2000
Not much on the eyes, but it played pretty OK for the Weeze-meister.
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Drew J unregistered
#9   07 Aug 2000
Cool map.....i like running it with speedquake mod....sneaky way to get to Quad. Like it !!!
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Goose unregistered
#8   31 Jul 2000
Well you are right it is a map that I did for Q2. I dont ever remember releasing it to the public. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm......maybe it was when I was hammered....

Man I wish people would email the authors of maps when they like there work. Even just a simple email to say hey I played it it was decent.

Oh well I am glad someone sees my work.

Does anyone know if Betadm2 ever got any reviews?.... if so where can I look at them.

Oplulent where did you pick up beta2dm?.....


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Opulent unregistered
#7   31 Jul 2000
Does anyone here know that this is a re-do(with some good additions) of one of the best Q2DM maps - BEta2dm? He hints at this in the txt, but doesn't come out and say it. I think it rocks against the bots in both Tourney and ffa. For Q3, it is a little on the ugly side(compared to it's competition). My complaints: it is NOT a real Tourney map(ie. humans) and it has parts that you just avoid(like the original). What is ICQ anyway? hehe
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QkennyQ unregistered
#6   30 Jul 2000
develop the areas out side the main room, a few more details"alot more actually, totally rework the entity placement, this could be a 6 or 8
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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   30 Jul 2000
You know, this would work pretty well as an arena map.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   30 Jul 2000
This seems to come down to just a lot of railing in a big open space. The fact that the armors, the RL, the Quad, the MH, and for all practical purposes the RG are all in this space.. doesn't help the gameflow. :-)

So: IMO the side rooms need to be developed more, and the item placement needs to be seriously re-thought.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   30 Jul 2000
I've removed a few post which where nothing more than a conversation between two people who didn't seem to know about ICQ.... (incase you where wondering where they went)
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Tyre unregistered
#2   30 Jul 2000
While I appreciate the author's intention of aiming for high fps rates, this is just all rather ugly.
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Abomination unregistered
#1   30 Jul 2000
Reminds me a lot of the edge so it deserves an 8 :).
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