A Dark Secret
A Dark Secret by PowZeR

A fresh review for this old map. The following updated review was added in 2020 as the old one was no longer relevant.

A great Gothic tourney map, perhaps inspired by some Q3 id maps (it brought me memories of q3dm15, q3dm8, and q3tourney3).

There are two main rooms for fairly open fighting (the railgun room, seen in the image, and the mega health room). The two rooms are connected through some passages. The main design problem though is the one way system connecting the two rooms. The dynamic of play would have benefited from adding a second connection (like a portal, for instance). That type of connection is what gives speed to q3tourney2, for instance (funnily enough, a feature available in the authors' previous map, Golgotha Core).

The bots play the map well. In 2020 there are no framerate issues and with larger screens resolutions the darker sections are not an issues as they once were.

Overall, quite a fun map and personally, a keeper.

Reviewed by Raspatan

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (30 votes)

Download: A Dark Secret by PowZeR