Golgotha Core
Golgotha Core by PowZeR

A fresh review for this old map. The following updated review was added in 2020 as the old one was no longer relevant.

The map is marketed as a Tourney map, but it is a bit too big for it (plus, it includes all powerups except the Battle Suit, something not really suited for Tourney maps). It plays better as a +3 FFA arena. The design has a reminiscence to q3tourney2, with two main areas connected through a teleport and sideways passages. There is an interesting verticality in the map, as some areas are very large and deep. This is cool for weapons like grenade launcher, rocket and Rail Gun.

The placement of weapons is quite good, but the selection of items is not. As said, it includes all but one powerup, something I am not particularly fond of, as it detracts from strategy. Moreover, there is only one armor, a yellow one. Too little armor for so much power.

The gameplay is fast because of the teleporter quickly connecting the areas (just like in q3tourney2), and the amount of powerups available. Unfortunately, bots play badly, getting stuck at some places, including the teleport.

In summary, I think the map has a great design. If you are looking for a map to play with friends that delivers fast paced gameplay with a lot of carnage, then this is one good alternative, for a few rounds at least. If you are not looking for this, then skip.

Reviewed by Raspatan

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (33 votes)

Download: Golgotha Core by PowZeR