Nightmare by Spike

Spike is a fairly new author to Quake 3 and has released a number of awesome game play focused releases. Nightmare is one of the first maps made by the author. When compared to a more recent map like CMYK it really shows just how quickly Spike has improved.

This release is rough around the edges, missing textures and has a few odd features. The author was trying, and free-forming ideas during the construction of this level. Some of it is working, some promise is shown and other parts are really coming together. As a whole, it is just not fully formed.

It is possible to play this map for 20 minutes and never enter some spaces. This is not due to the size, more to do with where the action is focused. Bots will navigate towards the action and have no real issues.

The best part of this release is seeing the author's skills improve from this map onwards.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (1 votes)

Download: Nightmare by Spike