Totally Lost & Totally Lost: CPM Edition
Totally Lost & Totally Lost: CPM Edition by swelt & RasputiN

Totally Lost is another remake by author swelt for clan Nobles and CPM; this time of Quake 3's Q3DM13 (aka Lost World). Totally Lost was released in 2003 with the assistance of RasputiN who, according to the readme file, transformed swelt's initial build into a properly brushed map.

The PK3 comes with two map files: NODM9 (Totally Lost) and NODM9a (Totally Lost: CPM Edition), each with 3 different item layouts and design tweaks for Tourney, FFA and TDM. Only NODM9 appears in the arena menu and then only in the Tourney menu; all other versions will need to be loaded in game via the drop-down menu. Bot support is provided for both files.

The main changes between the remakes and the original are largely aesthetic and architectural. The level has been retextured in brown timbers and stonework and the organic, Doom-inspired map objects have been replaced with features more in keeping with the overall theme. Ceiling features have been removed and archways widened to allow for smoother strafe jumping throughout the map. The platform holding the MH has also been lowered to allow players access to this pick-up from below, as well as allowing for double jumps up to the platform in the adjacent room. One can now double jump from the alcove (where the Quad usually spawns) up to the footbridge leading to the Rocket launcher platform. In the TDM version of NODM9a, a new access point has been added between the passage to the spiral steps and the main arena, sitting just above the lava pool. Both map files feature grating in the footbridge to the RL, allowing players to deal damage to opponents from both above and below. In NODM9a, this alteration has also been made to the upper platform in the bounce pad room adjacent to the MH. NODM9a also features a stone rail, absent in the parent map, that allows players to access the Quad alcove from the neighbouring platform. The lava pool is also deeper here meaning almost certain death to anyone who falls in.

In NODM9, when taking the shortcut at the pillar which allows players to circumvent the steps, players can get trapped in a small niche between the pillar and the landing. This is impossible to get out of without the assistance of a rocket or grenade. In NODM9a, this problem has been fixed but for players in VQ3 this shortcut is impossible to use without weapon-based jumps.

A number of changes to the item layout have also been made.

For NODM9, Swelt has chosen to closely follow the original item layout. The only changes to have been made include the removal of one of the three 25h's (that spawned at the top of the curved steps in the original) and the removal of both the Quad and Medikit, in keeping with the authors' intention to have a version of Q3DM13 suitable for competitive play. FFA includes the Quad and TDM includes both the Quad and a PG where the Medikit used to be.

NODM9a sees a complete overhaul of the item layout, however, the positions of key items such as the RA, MH, and Quad all remain the same. While the variations are too many to list here, we can summarise by saying that they are all motivated by the inclusion of 2 Rocket Launchers, a PG, and a RG for play in CPM. In the TDM version, the RG has been removed in favour of a BFG which spawns on top of the RL platform in the main atrium. The authors have also included GA for this layout.

With this release, I can't help but think that less would probably have been more. We have 2 variant constructions each with different layouts for the various game modes, leaving us with 6 unique maps in total. In this respect, this release could have benefitted from some editing. Given that NODM9a fixes the trap at the pillar, I would have preferred it if the authors had stuck with this design, sans the extra opening into the main atrium and keeping the lava shallow. Given that the level was produced primarily for competitive play, I would have retained the original Q3DM13 item layout for Tourney (retaining the aforementioned exclusions) and included the CPM layout for both FFA and TDM. The BFG version, in my view, seems totally unnecessary and doesn't really lend anything to game play. Having the PG spawn with the Quad is also problematic: lose it or move it! In the CPM version the teleport from the RA to the main bounce pad has been shifted to accommodate the extra weapons. This is fine but oddly a PG ammo clip has been placed in the lava at this exit; it feels out of place.

NODM9 has proven to be a popular Tourney for Challenge Promode. Quake 3 players will appreciate the retexturing regardless of whether one is playing in VQ3 or CPM. Notwithstanding, I believe the errors in construction and item layout really needed correction before public release. Game play is exciting (largely due to the nature of the original) but no version on offered here feels entirely satisfying. Still worth checking out.

Reviewed by HelterSkeleton