Resnarkled by Spike

Resnarkled is the 3rd Quake 3 Arena release from Spike and game play still out shines everything else in the release. Strong, fast layout over two main atriums with great item placement highlights the keys components to a great release.

Visually the map has an industrial theme with slime and barrels, bricks and steel, concrete and roller doors, fans and pipes. The concept is solid enough, the execution is just a bit messy and disjointed. For example, some barrels are positioned a little odd and there is one that is floating. Another example, the roller doors are super thick. Getting these little visual clues as solid as the game play would be a great next step for the author.

If you are up against bots, they will put up a fair fight, at least in Nightmare. Strangely, the higher skill bots seem to play a lot better than Hardcore ones. So much so, I checked more than once that I had Hardcore selected as they seemed too easy compare the Nightmare. That said, the bots will focus around the Red Armour atrium.

Above the Grenade Launcher and another above the MegaHealth is a beam you can Rocket Jump to and camp (has been fixed in the current download). Not sure if this was on purpose, but seems like they both should be clipped off. There is also a small recess next to the barrels you can use the access to jump to the MegaHealth which should have been clipped too. This, and the lack of an .arena file (also fixed in the current download), required for the in game menu system, pre-selected game modes and bots, seems like the map was rushed out the door a little quick.

Personally, I am really enjoying Spike's releases due to the high focus on game play. If the author can pull out some improved visuals and finishing touches, Spike's released will change from great to awesome to must-have status. In the current state, they are still well worth it, even if you need to set r_picmap 16 to skip the visuals and focus on the game.

Update: The current download includes an .arena file and clips off the two beams - 1st Mar, 2023.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Resnarkled by Spike