Spectator Sport
by Foo
Spectator Sport by Foo

A great tourney map by Foo, the third map by the author, released in 2002. Lots of vertical and horizontal action in this tight map. It's tight in weapons (SG, RL, LG, RG). Tight in ammo (no ammo, actually). Tight in armor (just one YA and a few shards). Tight in health (they do not add up to more than 150. Still, the author clearly knows its trade. Location is superb. YA quickly becomes the most sought after item. It's open location makes it a real risk, particularly since the RG is opposite. This map will have you starving for health and armor and it will really help you train your timing skills (Spiterbot mod highly recommended, as those bots DO time items).

Textures and brushes are nothing special. But that is fine because gameplay takes over very quickly. Still, there are some nice touches here and there, like the prison carved in the wall, in the middle of the map.

Map plays fine with VQ3. With some skills you can even connect the bounce pad with the teleport in the RG room. CPM might be better though.

A real shame this intense map has taken this long to be turn up here. But it's here now! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! A keeper for me.

Reviewed by Raspatan

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (5 votes)

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