Rustarium by Scorn

Credit where credit is due - this map is a nice bit of eye candy - despite taking place in a dirty, rusty oil refinery. The textures and lighting blend together well to form an overall red/brown "rusty" feeling. The details look quite polished and complete. Large structures outside the play area and ambient sounds contribute greatly to the atmosphere. There's even a flying drone and a cargo train that really add some life to the place.

Don't be fooled though. Rustarium is essentially a small, glorified box map. All weapons but the BFG10K are present, which is a bit crazy for such a small map. The Invisibility and Battle Suit powerups can be found, though these also seem unnecessary for a map of this size. The battleground includes five platforms of varying height, each one with its own weapon and pickups.

A few launchpads and bridges are in place to help you navigate these platforms, though it is easy to fall off. The topmost platform holds red armor and a grenade launcher for spamming players below. Most of the health is on the ground level, so you will have to decide whether to hold the high ground with the weapons and armor, or risk going below to replenish your health. The areas under the platforms are very dark, making manoeuvring and seeing your opponents difficult. There is no suggested bot count from the author, but any more than two players makes for a cramped and chaotic match.

Rustarium: great atmosphere, disappointing gameplay.

Reviewed by gooball

Tig's notes: There is an include sound file that may cause your version of Quake 3 to crash. If that happens, be sure to grab this patch file which will fix the issue.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

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